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have one's back to the wallTo have no other options remaining.Rate it:
have one's cake and eat it tooTo seek to have two things which are mutually incompatible (such as eating a piece of cake and yet still possessing that piece for future use).Rate it:
have one's ducks in a rowTo be organized; to have one's affairs in order; specifically, to have a multi-person effort coordinated towards the exact same goal.Rate it:
have one's ears loweredTo get a haircut.Rate it:
have one's eye onto seek, pursueRate it:
have one's fingers in many piesto be involved in many different things.Rate it:
have one's hand in the tillTo embezzle, to steal from one's place of business.Rate it:
have one's hand outTo be requesting benefits, especially if not entitled to them.Rate it:
have one's hands fullTo be busy or thoroughly preoccupied.Rate it:
have one's head in the cloudsTo daydream; to think about matters other than the present reality.Rate it:
have one's head in the cloudsTo have fantastic or impractical dreams; to think impractically.Rate it:
have one's head readTo have the bumps, indentations, and shape of one's skull examined and interpreted by a phrenologist.Rate it:
have one's head readTo have one's mental health assessed, to receive a psychiatric examination.Rate it:
have one's head up one's assTo be oblivious to the real state of things, from either stupidity or stubbornness.Rate it:
have one's heart in the right placeTo have good intentions.Rate it:
have one's heart set onTo want or desire deeply, regardless of practicality or rationality.Rate it:
have one's mind about oneTo be composed or lucid.Rate it:
have one's name on itTo be reserved for someone.Rate it:
have one's name takenTo receive a yellow cardRate it:
have one's number on itTe be destined for someone.Rate it:
have one's wayTo obtain the circumstances one wishes for; to do what one wishes to do, or to have others do what one wishes them to do.Rate it:
have one's wayTo achieve a desired or natural result.Rate it:
have one's wayTo have sexual intercourse with, especially without the consent of one's partner.Rate it:
have one's way withTo engage in sexual intercourse with, especially without the consent of one's partner.Rate it:
have one's wicked wayTo have sexual intercourse.Rate it:
have one's wits about oneTo remain calm, composed, or aware.Rate it:
have one's work cut out for oneTo face a large task or project.Rate it:
have other fish to fryC. 1710, Jonathan Swift, The Journal to Stella, ch. 2, Letter 15.Rate it:
have other fish to fryTo have more important things to do.Rate it:
have second thoughtsTo change one's opinion, or be uneasy about a previous decision.Rate it:
have seen one's dayTo be at the point in a life cycle or career of no longer being useful or effective; to be worn-out.Rate it:
have seen this movieTo have experienced a situation which is the same as or similar to the current situation, especially with a sense of the unpleasantness or tiresomeness of the recurring situation.Rate it:
have someone by the ballsTo exercise total control over someone.Rate it:
have someone by the short and curliesto exercise total control over someone.Rate it:
have someone by the short hairsTo have someone in a difficult situation in which he or she is without alternatives and can be controlled.Rate it:
have someone goingUsed other than as an idiom: See have, go.Rate it:
have someone goingTo temporarily convince someone of a falsehood.Rate it:
have someone goingTo cause someone to be excited, aroused, or upset.Rate it:
have someone on toastTo have somebody in one's power, or in a compromising or helpless position.Rate it:
have someone's backTo be prepared and willing to support or defend (someone).Rate it:
have someone's blood on one's headTo be responsible for someone's death, pain, or misfortune.Rate it:
have someone's guts for gartersTo reprimand severely.Rate it:
have someone's hideTo punish or subdue someone.Rate it:
have someone's numberTo understand a person's character, capabilities, or situation.Rate it:
have something down patTo know something or be able to do something perfectly. Be perfect master of something.Rate it:
have something to eatTo eat anything.Rate it:
have the biscuitTo be of no further use; to be near death.Rate it:
have the bluesTo be depressed, to have a low morale.Rate it:
have the floorTo have permission or time to speak, especially in a formal situation.Rate it:
have the foggiestTo know, understand or have a clue.Rate it:

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