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head girlsenior female pupilRate it:
head honchoThe person in charge; the highest-ranking person in an organization.Rate it:
head in the cloudsHaving fantastic or impractical dreams; thinking impractically.Rate it:
head in the cloudsDaydreaming; thinking about matters other than the present reality.Rate it:
head of steamAmount of energy.Rate it:
head offTo begin moving away.Rate it:
head offTo intercept.Rate it:
head offTo avoid some usually negative consequence.Rate it:
head offTo turn away from the windRate it:
head over heelsAt top speed; frantically.Rate it:
head over heelsHopelessly smitten.Rate it:
head over heelsTumbling upside down.Rate it:
head scratcherA device used to scratch the head.Rate it:
head scratcherA particularly puzzling or confusing event.Rate it:
head scratcherDecember 2007, W:Daily News Tribune - Golden Globes nominations a head-scratcher.Rate it:
head scratcherJuly 2002, Fox News - Attorney: Williams' Kids Near Compromise About Father's Remains.Rate it:
head southAlternative form of go south; to decrease or become unfavorable; to take a turn for the worse.Rate it:
head startFor example, prior to the beginning of a race.Rate it:
head startA factor conducive to superiority and success.Rate it:
head startinitial advantageRate it:
head to headTo confront face to face; fight one on one.Rate it:
head to toeEntirely; completely; over one's full body.Rate it:
head tripAn experience or set of experiences which is intellectually challenging or stimulating.Rate it:
head tripA disorienting, exciting experience, especially one consisting mainly of striking sensory impressions.Rate it:
head tripA state of mind in which one is distracted, disturbed, or unnerved, whether self-induced or resulting from ill-treatment by others.Rate it:
head tripAn ego trip.Rate it:
head upTo lead or take the lead; to direct; to take charge.Rate it:
head waiterrestuarant employeeRate it:
head-emptierAnything mindless, that doesn't involve thinking.Rate it:
head-emptierAnything mindless; something that does not involve thinking.Rate it:
head-in-the-sandExhibiting disregard or denial of a problem or threat.Rate it:
head-onDirect, abrupt, blunt or unequivocal; not prevaricating.Rate it:
head-onOf a collision, from the front or in the direction of motion.Rate it:
head-scratchingConfusing, perplexing, puzzling.Rate it:
head-spinninglyincrediblyRate it:
head-spinninglyincredibly; overwhelminglyRate it:
head-the-balla stupid person; a nutcaseRate it:
headlinesplural form of headlineRate it:
headlinesimportant news storiesRate it:
heads I win, tails you loseSaid to describe a conflict in which someone has a particular advantage from the start.Rate it:
heads or tailsA game to bet upon a which side of a coin lays face up after it is thrown.Rate it:
heads or tailsThe practice of flipping a coin in the air, to choose between two alternatives based on which side lands face up.Rate it:
heads upUsed as an informal warning, caution, or call for attention; pay attention!.Rate it:
heads will rollSome people will be fired for incompetence.Rate it:
heads-upA warning or call to pay attention; an advisory notice.Rate it:
heal upTo heal.Rate it:
heal upTo heal one's character.Rate it:
health is wealthIf you don't have your health you have nothingRate it:
healthy as a horseIf you're as healthy as a horse, you're strong and in a very good health condition.Rate it:
heap onTo give someone a lot of, especially moreso than is appropriate or that the recipient can handle.Rate it:

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