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heap upTo increase over a period of time; to accumulate.Rate it:
heap upTo make an untidy pile of.Rate it:
heap withTo pile on a great deal of.Rate it:
hear ofTo become aware of through second-hand knowledge, or not through personal experience.Rate it:
hear ofTo permit or tolerate.Rate it:
hear on the grapevineTo hear rumors; to learn through friends of friends.Rate it:
hear outTo listen to someone until that person has finished.Rate it:
hear the end of itTo cease to be told about, or nagged because of, something.Rate it:
hear the grass growTo be very aware or discerning; to pay attention to every small detail.Rate it:
hear the grass growTo have an extremely sensitive sense of hearing.Rate it:
hear the grass growTo hear very well due to being in an exceptionally quiet environment.Rate it:
hear thingsTo have auditory hallucinations.Rate it:
hear through the grapevineTo hear rumors; to learn through friends of friends.Rate it:
hear, hearLet us hear and applaud the previous speaker; I endorse the previous statement; Expression of support, agreement, or enthusiasm for what has just been said.Rate it:
hearken backTo turn back to an earlier topic or circumstance.Rate it:
hearken backTo go back to something as an origin or source.Rate it:
heart and soulThe core of a thing; the most essential or important part.Rate it:
heart and soulWith the utmost earnestness.Rate it:
heart of glassA very fragile romantic state.Rate it:
heart of goldA kind, compassionate, or caring attitude; kindheartedness.Rate it:
heart of heartsOne's innermost private feelings.Rate it:
heart to heartA sincere, serious, or personal conversation.Rate it:
heart-breakingThat causes extreme sorrow or grief.Rate it:
hearts and flowersIdeal romance.Rate it:
hearty as a buckExtremely healthy.Rate it:
heat upTo heat, to cause to become hotter.Rate it:
heat waveA period of exceptionally hot weather.Rate it:
heat wavespell of hot weatherRate it:
heave in sightTo appear at a distance, to emerge in the field of vision.Rate it:
heave toTo cause the vessel to become dead in the water by pointing the bows directly towards the wind.Rate it:
heave toTo come to a halt.Rate it:
heave to and splice the main braceMarlinspike Era sailors expression: relative to his upcoming Liberty Ashore and His Activity; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . He Proclaimed; (See next drop-down box)Rate it:
heave to and splice the main brace'Heave to and splice the main brace!' An old salt's invitation to shipmates in a shore side pub to drink-up and be merry!Rate it:
heaven forbidTo say that one hopes that something does not happen.Rate it:
heaven helps those who help themselvesA maxim encouraging people to get involved in their own problems.Rate it:
heaven knowsAlternative form of God knowsRate it:
heaven only knowsAlternative form of God knows, in sense of something unknown to mortal men.Rate it:
heavy as a dead donkeyVery heavy.Rate it:
heavy goingdifficult of progressRate it:
heavy goingboring, tediousRate it:
heavy goingthe going is wet and muddy (difficult to gallop on)Rate it:
heavy hitterA player with a favorable batting average who is especially good at hitting the ball deep into the outfield or farther.Rate it:
heavy hitterIn any sport, a strong, physical player who is particularly effective.Rate it:
heavy hitterA person of considerable importance who is a major decision maker or capable achiever; an especially significant organization or an especially functional object.Rate it:
heavy liftingThe most demanding part of an endeavour; work requiring the most effort, resources, or consideration.Rate it:
heavy-footedSlow-moving.Rate it:
heavy-heartedsad, melancholic.Rate it:
heavy-heartedSad, melancholy.Rate it:
hedge one's betsTo place bets with a third party in order to offset potential losses.Rate it:
hedge one's betsTo reduce the risk of making a mistake, by keeping one's options open.Rate it:

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