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have a brick in one's hatto be drunkRate it:
have a bun in the ovenTo be pregnant; to be expecting a baby.Rate it:
have a coupleTo drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunkRate it:
have a cowTo get angry; have a fit.Rate it:
have a fable forTo have a weakness for something.Rate it:
have a fewTo drink enough alcohol to be slightly drunkRate it:
have a fitTo become suddenly enraged.Rate it:
have a fitTo experience an epileptic seizure.Rate it:
have a flatTo be the owner of an apartment.Rate it:
have a flatTo have a flat tyre.Rate it:
have a frog in one's throatTo feel the need to cough; to have a tickle in one's throat; to have a scratchy or uneven voice.Rate it:
have a goShout at or tell off unnecessarily or excessively.Rate it:
have a goTo make an attempt; to try.Rate it:
have a good oneTo enjoy an event or occasion, especially a holiday or one's birthday.Rate it:
have a good oneformula used when parting.Rate it:
have a good timeTo enjoy oneself.Rate it:
have a green thumbA person with a green thumb, a natural skill for gardening.Rate it:
have a handle onTo be in control; to understand or grasp.Rate it:
have a handle on itUnderstand all the minute details, the goal, the dangers, the possible glitches, the possible adversarial action.Rate it:
have a head forto be capable with, to be knowledgeable aboutRate it:
have a heartTo be kind or sympathetic; to treat others kindly.Rate it:
have a jag onTo be drunk.Rate it:
have a laughTo laughRate it:
have a laughTo joke; kid around.Rate it:
have a laughTo enjoy oneself; have fun.Rate it:
have a look-seeTake a look.Rate it:
have a lot of time forto hold in high esteem; to respectRate it:
have a mind like a sieveTo have a poor memory; to have difficulty remembering things.Rate it:
have a mind of one's ownTo form one's personal opinions and choose one's actions without being governed by the views or choices of others; to be independently minded; to think for oneself.Rate it:
have a mountain to climbTo be faced with a difficult task or challenge.Rate it:
have a nice dayUsed other than as an idiom: see have, a, nice, day.Rate it:
have a nice dayGoodbye.Rate it:
have a pairTo be manly.Rate it:
have a sayTo voice one's opinion.Rate it:
have a screamTo have a good time, to have a blast.Rate it:
have a screw looseA phrase meaning that the subject is insane or irrational.Rate it:
have a seatA polite directive to sit down.Rate it:
have a seatSee have; seat.Rate it:
have a seatTo sit down; to take a seat.Rate it:
have a snootfulTo be drunk.Rate it:
have a soft spot in your heartAn emotional outlook and an accepting attitude toward others in difficult or trying situations.Rate it:
have a stabTo make an attempt, a try.Rate it:
have a thingto be in a casual relationship.Rate it:
have a thingto have a crush, or a soft spot for someone.Rate it:
have a tiger by the tailTo be in a difficult or dangerous situation in which one ideally should not remain, but from which one cannot withdraw.Rate it:
have a way withTo be skilled, adept, or graceful in something.Rate it:
have a whale of a timeTo enjoy oneself greatly.Rate it:
have a wordTo speak to someone in private, often with a negative implication.Rate it:
have a word withTo talk or speak with.Rate it:
have a word with oneselfTo think about one's attitudes or behaviour with a view to reform.Rate it:

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