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have an axe to grindTo have a dispute, resentment, or grudge, sometimes with a disposition to act on that resentment covertly; to have a bias; to take issue with something.Rate it:
have an eye forTo have good taste; to have the ability to discriminate or identify quality.Rate it:
have another thing comingAlternative form of have another think comingRate it:
have another think comingTo be deluded, to be mistaken; to need to rethink something one has determined; to need to reconsider one's plans or expectations.Rate it:
have ants in one's pantsTo be agitated and constantly fidgeting.Rate it:
have ants in one's pantsTo be sexually excited.Rate it:
have atTo attack; to engage in combat with.Rate it:
have at itattempt, to go ahead, or to attack physically.Rate it:
have bats in one's belfryTo be crazy or eccentric.Rate it:
have been aroundTo be experienced in worldly matters; to be seasoned, not naive.Rate it:
have blood on one's handsTo be responsible for a violent act.Rate it:
have butterflies in one's stomachTo be nervous, uncertain, or anxious.Rate it:
have done withTo finish; to give up or stop working on.Rate it:
have done withTo end relations with.Rate it:
have egg on one's faceTo suffer embarrassment or humiliation; to damage one's reputation.Rate it:
have eyes bigger than one's bellyTo take more food on one's plate than one can eat; to be greedy.Rate it:
have eyes bigger than one's stomachTo take more food on one's plate than one can eat; to be greedy.Rate it:
have eyes forTo be romantically interested in [someone].Rate it:
have eyes in the back of one's headTo be particularly, especially uncannily, observant; a perceived ability to see in all directions at once.Rate it:
have gotTo be obliged.Rate it:
have had itTo have endured all that one can.Rate it:
have had it up to hereTo have become very frustrated or angry; to have reached the limit of one's patience or forbearance.Rate it:
have had one's chipsTo be dead or finished.Rate it:
have I got news for youUsed to announce a fact of which the addressee was, or appeared to be, ignorant.Rate it:
have inTo allow in; grant permission or admittance to; invite in or over; admit.Rate it:
have in mindTo consider, to contemplate, to intend.Rate it:
have in towIn one's charge or close guidance; along with one.Rate it:
have it both waysTo have two things which are mutually incompatible.Rate it:
have it comingTo deserve or merit, as the consequences of one's actions.Rate it:
have it easyTo have favourable conditions for an easy life.Rate it:
have it going onTo instigate, observe, or allow an event to continue.Rate it:
have it going onTo be attractive or socially successful or have an aura of success.Rate it:
have it in forTo be very angry at; to have a grudge against.Rate it:
have it largeTo engage intensely in pleasure-seeking activities.Rate it:
have it madeTo have accomplished all there is to do; to have no further work or difficulty; to have achieved a lifestyle characterized by good fortune and comfort.Rate it:
have it offTo engage in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
have it outTo argue in order to air or resolve a conflict.Rate it:
have it outTo confront with a view to settling a conflict.Rate it:
have it your wayDo something the way you want to, but be prepared for the consequences.Rate it:
have kittensTo become extremely upset.Rate it:
have legsTo have endurance; to have prospects to exist or go on for a long time.Rate it:
have legsTo have speed.Rate it:
have more chins than a Chinese phone bookTo be exceedingly fat, especially under the chin (as in a "double chin").Rate it:
have more money than GodTo be extremely or excessively richRate it:
have no time forTo dislikeRate it:
have no time forto not allow; to forbidRate it:
have onTo trick or deceive deliberately; to play a prank on.Rate it:
have onTo be wearing.Rate it:
have one foot on a banana peelTo be at risk of sudden change; to be in an unstable state.Rate it:
have one's act togetherTo be serious, organized, worthwhile, etc.Rate it:

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