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life is just a bowl of cherriesEverything in life is going great... or just the oppositeRate it:
life is like a box of chocolatesLife is full of surprises, you never know what will happen next.Rate it:
life is like a s*** sandwich the more bread you have the less s*** you eatThe main point is bread is slang for money so money makes your sandwich a little less repulsive and your life a little less well whateverRate it:
life is not all beer and skittlesNot everything about life is pleasurable.Rate it:
life is too shortDon't waste time on trivial issuesRate it:
life of rileyAn ideal life of carefree prosperity and contentment.Rate it:
life of the partyA person who participates in entertainment events in a very enthusiastic manner and who has a leading role in inspiring others to join in the spirit of festivity.Rate it:
life's a bitchAn expression of acceptance of misfortune.1950, Joy Davidman, Weeping Bay, page 184:She'd have been willing enough to use them, poor dead little bitch. Life's a bitch. Life's a bad joke.Rate it:
life's a bitch and then you dieOne should expect the worst.Rate it:
life's not all skittles and beerSkittles and Beer refers to the carefree, indulgent bar life; skittles being a British pub game. Thus, life's not all skittles and beer means that not everything is about pleasure.Rate it:
life's too shortAlternative form of life is too shortRate it:
life-or-deathOf critical importance to the survival of a living organism.Rate it:
life-or-deathHaving death as a possible or even likely outcome; perilous.Rate it:
life-or-deathOf critical importance to the success of a particular endeavor.Rate it:
lift a fingerTo make minimal effort; to help as little as possible.Rate it:
lift offTo take offRate it:
lift someone's spiritsto cause someone to be cheerful or euphoric.Rate it:
lift upTo elevate to a higher position.Rate it:
lift upTo lighten the mood of someone.Rate it:
LIGAFInitialism of like I give a fuck.Rate it:
LIGAFFInitialism of like I give a flying fuck.Rate it:
light a fire underTo start sooner or move faster.Rate it:
light as a featherextremely light, having minimal weightRate it:
light at the end of the tunnelA better situation after long hardship.Rate it:
light bucketNickname for a reflecting telescope, especially one with a relatively large aperture and suitable for observing deep sky objects such as nebulae and galaxies.Rate it:
light in the loafersA male person of alternative lifestyle.Rate it:
light in the loafersGay; homosexual.Rate it:
light intoAttack.Rate it:
light middleweighttype of boxerRate it:
light middleweightboxing categoryRate it:
light on one's feetnimble, light-footedRate it:
light on one's feeteffeminate, homosexualRate it:
light outTo run away.Rate it:
light outTo seek to escape pursuit by fleeing.Rate it:
light paintingThe artistic technique of moving a light source to selectively illuminate parts of the subject or scene a camera is recording (at a slow shutter speed), or to shine directly into the camera and in this way sketch.Rate it:
light paintingCamera painting, the artistic technique of moving a camera (while it records at a low shutter speed) such that light sources appear in multiple places or as streaks in the resulting photograph, the "painting".Rate it:
light paintingA painting created using one of these techniques.Rate it:
light paintingUsed other than as an idiom: see light, painting.Rate it:
light skirtAlternative spelling of lightskirtRate it:
light skirtUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see light,‎ skirt.Rate it:
light upTo become light, to brighten.Rate it:
light upTo bring light to something, to brighten.Rate it:
light upTo light a cigarette, pipe, etc.Rate it:
lighten someone's purseto take money from someone.Rate it:
lighten upTo become less serious and more cheerful or casual; to relax.Rate it:
lighten upTo ease up; back off; slow down.Rate it:
lighter than airReference; Aircraft which maintain 'lift' because of 'gasses', 'hot vapors', 'heated air'; e.g. Blimps, Dirigibles, 'Hot-Air' Balloons: Able to lift objects, beings with weight greater than the Aircraft itself:Rate it:
lightning fastExtremely fastRate it:
lightning fastExtremely quicklyRate it:
lightning in a bottleA difficult or challenging feat, particularly to attempt such a feat.Rate it:

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