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l'esprit de l'escal…l'istesso tempoL-bomb
L-bombla goutte d'eau qui…la goutte d'eau qui…
lab ratlab ratlabor of love
labour of lovelace intolace into
lace uplaced-uplaced-up
laced-uplaced-upladies and gentlemen
ladies firstladies manladies' lounge
ladies' loungeladies' manlady abbess
lady gardenlady of the nightlady or tiger
lady's manlady's manlager louts
LAGNAFlaid one onlame brain
lame jokeland a windfallland of opportunity
land of plentyland on one's feetland poor
land uplanding gearlanding strip
landing striplands preservedlang may yer lum re…
lap doglap doglap of luxury
lap uplap uplapsed academic
Lard-Oillarge and in chargelarger than life
larger than lifelarger-than-lifelarger-than-life
lash downlash downlash out
lash outlash togetherlash up
last burst of firelast burst of firelast but not least
last chancelast minutelast nail in the co…
last of the big spe…last outlast post
last resortlast strawLast Supper
Last Supperlast thinglast thing one needs
last trumplast trumplast word
last wordlast wordlast-ditch
latch onlatch ontolatch-key child
latch-key childlate bloomerlate bloomer
late modellater onlather up
lather, rinse, repe…latter daylaugh a minute
laugh all the way t…laugh downlaugh down
laugh in one's slee…laugh like a drainlaugh like a hyena
laugh offlaugh one's head offlaugh out of court
laugh up one's slee…laughing all the wa…laughing gas
laughing stocklaughing stocklaughter is the bes…
laundry listlaundry listlaundry on the field
law Latinlaw of the junglelawn sleeves
lawn sleeveslawn sleeveslawyer up
lawyer uplawyer uplay a finger on
lay a finger onlay aboutlay about
lay an egglay an egglay an egg
lay asidelay asidelay back
lay backlay bylay down
lay downlay downlay down
lay downlay down the lawlay down the law
lay down the lawlay down the markerlay eggs
lay eyes onlay hands onlay hold of
lay hold oflay inlay into
lay intolay it on melay it on the line
lay it on thicklay it on thicklay it on thick
lay it outlay lowlay low
lay lowlay oddslay odds
lay of the landlay of the landlay off
lay offlay offlay off
lay onlay on the linelay on the line
lay openlay openlay open
lay outlay outlay over
lay rubberlay something at th…lay the groundwork
lay the pipelay tolay to rest
lay uplay uplay up
lay uplay your cards on t…laze about
laze aroundleadlead
lead a charmed lifelead astraylead astray
lead astraylead by the noselead down a garden …
lead inlead nowherelead off
lead offlead offlead on
lead onlead outlead someone down t…
lead the linelead timelead up to
lead up tolead up tolead with one's chin
lead with one's chinleader of the free …leading lady
leading lightleading manleaf out
leaf throughleak outleak out
lean and meanlean inlean in
lean intolean onlean on
lean tolean towardsleap to mind
leap yearleaped at the oppot…leaps and bounds
leaps and boundslearn by heartleather working
leather-lungedleave a sour taste …leave behind
leave for deadleave for deadleave home
leave it at thatleave it beleave me alone
leave no stone untu…leave no stone untu…leave nothing to th…
leave nothing to th…leave offleave off
leave offleave outleave over
leave overleave somebody high…leave somebody hold…
leave somebody in t…leave someone high …leave someone holdi…
leave someone holdi…leave someone holdi…leave someone in th…
leave to one's own …leave well enough a…leave well enough a…
leave well enough a…leaves of three let…left and right
left fieldleft fieldleft holding the bag
left me out thereleft, right and cen…left-handed complim…
lefty loosey, right…leg manleg man
leg pulllegal beaglelegal duty
legal dutylegal eaglelegally binding
legally bindinglegend in one's own…legwork
legworklemon droplemon law
lemon solelemonizelemonize
lend a handlend an earlend itself to
les jeux sont faitsles jeux sont faitsless is more
lesser of two evilslet a thousand flow…let alone
let alonelet alonelet bygones be bygo…
let downlet downlet fly
let get pastlet golet go
let golet go an anchor to…let go and let god
let he who is witho…let her hair downlet her rip
let him that is wit…let him who is with…let in
let in onlet it all hang out!let it all hang-out!
let it belet looselet me answer your …
let me seelet nature take its…let off
let offlet onlet one go
let one's hair downlet oneself golet oneself go
let outlet outlet out
let outlet outlet past
let riplet sleeping dogs l…let slide
let slidelet slidelet slip
let sliplet somebody downlet somebody in on
let someone down ge…let someone golet someone have it
let someone have itlet someone in onlet something slip
let the cat out of …let the cat out of …let the cat out of …
let the chips fall …let the dog see the…let the door hit yo…
let the good times …let the grass grow …let the perfect be …
let them have itlet them have itlet there be light
let there be lightlet there be no rep…let up
let uplet well alonelet your hair down
let's be having youlet's get in onlet's get the party…
let's get the party…let's get this part…let's go
let's golet's golet's motivate
let's not and say w…let's rolllet's see
let-downletters after one's…level best
level offlevel outlevel out
level uplevel-headedlex dubia non oblig…
lez outLGTMliar liar pants on …
libel chilllicence to print mo…licence to print mo…
lick and a promiselick his bootslick into shape
lick my ballslick one's chopslick one's chops
lick one's chopslick one's woundslick one's wounds
lick outlick someone's asslick someone's ass
lick someone's ballslick the pants offlick up
lickety-splitlicky-lickylie around
lie aroundlie backlie back
lie back and think …lie back and think …lie before
lie beforelie bylie detector
lie doggolie downlie down
lie ill in one's mo…lie inlie in
lie in waitlie lowlie off
lie through one's t…lie tolie with
life and limblife and soul of th…life imitates art
life is just a bowl…life is like a box …life is like a s***…
life is not all bee…life is too shortlife of riley
life of the partylife's a bitchlife's a bitch and …
life's not all skit…life's too shortlife-or-death
life-or-deathlife-or-deathlift a finger
lift offlift someone's spir…lift up
light a fire underlight as a featherlight at the end of…
light bucketlight in the loaferslight in the loafers
light intolight middleweightlight middleweight
light on one's feetlight on one's feetlight out
light outlight paintinglight painting
light paintinglight paintinglight skirt
light skirtlight uplight up
light uplighten someone's p…lighten up
lighten uplighter than airlightning fast
lightning fastlightning in a bott…lightning in a bott…
lightning in a bott…lightning in a bott…lightning never str…
lightning-quicklightning-quicklights, camera, act…
like a bat out of h…like a bear with a …like a blue-arsed f…
like a bull at a ga…like a bull in a ch…like a bull in a ch…
like a bull in a ch…like a bump on a loglike a cat in a str…
like a cat on a hot…like a charmlike a chicken with…
like a chicken with…like a chicken with…like a dog in heat
like a dog on heatlike a dog with a b…like a duck takes t…
like a duck to waterlike a fish out of …like a hawk
like a hot knife th…like a kid in a can…like a lamb to the …
like a manlike a martin to hi…like a million bucks
like a million doll…like a phoenix from…like a ton of bricks
like a trainlike all get outlike chalk and chee…
like cheese at four…like clockworklike crack
like crazylike death warmed o…like father, like s…
like feeding time a…like gangbusterslike gold dust
like hot cakeslike it or leave itlike it or lump it
like it's going out…like mother, like d…like nobody's busin…
like nobody's busin…like oflike one's life dep…
like rats from a si…like riding a bikelike shelling peas
like shit through a…like shooting fish …like speaking to a …
like taking candy f…like talking to a w…like the back end o…
like the cat that g…like the clapperslike the new time
like the sound of o…like the windlike there is no to…
like there was no t…like turkeys voting…like turkeys voting…
like two peas in a …like water off a du…like white on rice
like white on ricelike, whoa!lily-livered
lily-liveredlimber as a dishraglimber up
limber uplime greenLIMH
limp dicklimp inline in the sand
line one's pocketsline upline up
line upline upline up
line upline uplink up
link uplink whorelink whoring
links tolionlion
lionLion of JudahLion of Judah
lion's denlion's denlion's share
lip offlip serviceliquid courage
liquor upliquor upliquorice allsorts
listen afterlisten inlisten in
listen sisterlisten uplittle emperor
little headlittle oldlittle old
little pitcherlittle pitchers hav…little pitchers hav…
little womanlittle womanlive a lie
live and learnlive and let livelive beyond one's m…
live by the sword, …live downlive in
live in sinlive it uplive it up
live largelive offlive on
live on the edgelive on the edgelive one
live onelive onelive out
live outlive outlive over the brush
live paycheck to pa…live the dreamlive through
live uplive wirelive wire
live withliven things upliven up
liven upliving deathliving end
living high on the …living impairedliving proof
LNUload upload up
load uploaded diceloaded dice
loaded for bearloaded for bearloaded language
loaded to the gillsloaded wordloaf about
loaf aroundloan sharklock away
lock hornslock inlock lips
lock onlock onlock out
lock uplock uplock up
lock uplock, stock and bar…locker room humor
log inlog offlog off
log onlog onlog out
lollone gunmanlone it
lone wolflong absent, soon f…long ago and far aw…
long armlong armlong arm of the law
long as my armlong drinklong finger
long fingerlong fingerlong for
long forlong gamelong game
long gamelong goodbyelong green
long hair don't carelong haullong in the tooth
long porklong row to hoelong run
long screwdriverlong shotlong shot
long sincelong story shortlong tail
long taillong timelong time no hear
long time no seelong ways, long lieslongpig
look afterlook aheadlook ahead
look aroundlook aroundlook around
look aroundlook aroundlook as if one has …
look atlook at the winter …look back
look backlook before you leaplook beyond
look daggerslook down onlook down one's nose
look down one's shi…look down uponlook for
look for a dog to k…look forwardlook forward to
look herelook intolook like
look likelook offlook off
look onlook on aslook on the bright …
look outlook outlook out
look out for number…look out! there's a…look over
look roundlook roundlook round
look smartlook the other waylook the other way
look the partlook throughlook through
look throughlook through rose-t…look to
look uplook uplook up
look up tolook uponlook upon
look what the cat's…look who's talkinglook-in
looker, a lookerlooking glasslooking like a wreck
looks uploom largeloop in
loose cannonloose cannonloose change
loose changeloose endloose end
loose endsloose endsloose lip
loose lipsloosen the apron st…loosen the purse st…
loosen uploosen uplord it over
Lord knowsLord love youLord love you
lord of the fliesLord only knowslord over
Lord willing and th…Lord's SupperLord's Supper
lorry driverlose consciousnesslose face
lose groundlose itlose it
lose one's coollose one's headlose one's head if …
lose one's marbleslose one's mindlose one's shirt
lose one's shitlose one's temperlose one's touch
lose one's waylose oneself inlose out
lose sight oflose sight oflose the number of …
lose the plotlose the plotlose touch
lose trackloser cruiserloss of face
lost causelost errandlost footage
lost herlost in the shuffle!lost in translation
lost soullost soullot lizard
lot lizardlot lizardloud and clear
louse aroundlouse uplove affair without…
love at first sightlove boneslove child
love goggleslove handleslove is blind
love musclelove musclelove nest
love nestlove of one's lifelove to bits
love youloved uplow blow
low blowlow on the totem po…low rider
low roadlow-downlow-hanging fruit
lower the boomlower the boomlower the boom
lower the boom onlower the boom onlowest point in my …
LQTMlube uplubrication payment
luck inluck intoluck of the draw
luck of the drawluck outluck out
lucky breaklucky devillucky dip
lucky diplucky diplucky dog
lucky ducklingluff uplump in one's throat
lump itlump sumlump to one's throat
lump togetherlunatics have taken…LV
lying through your …  

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