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let slideTo let go, allow, release, pass over without action.Rate it:
let slideTo tolerate a violation of a norm from.Rate it:
let slideTo allow the condition of something to deteriorate due to negligence or apathy.Rate it:
let slipallow to escapeRate it:
let slipTo divulge a secret, as by accident or mistake.Rate it:
let somebody downTo fail somebody; to disappoint or to fail to uphold a commitment.Rate it:
let somebody in onTo disclose; to tell somebody a secret or share privileged information.Rate it:
let someone down gentlyTo reject or refuse someone in a way that avoids causing hurt or disappointment.Rate it:
let someone goTo dismiss someone from an employment position or a relationship.Rate it:
let someone have itTo attack someone with great force.Rate it:
let someone have itTo verbally assail someone.Rate it:
let someone in onTo disclose information to someone; to tell somebody a secret or share privileged information.Rate it:
let something slipTo accidentally reveal a secret.Rate it:
let the cat out of the bagA figure of speech relative to someone revealing an important event or secret to the world thereby spoiling the entire thrust of a surprise.Rate it:
let the cat out of the bagTo reveal a secret. Monique let the cat out of the bag when she told Courtney about the surprise birthday party.Rate it:
let the cat out of the bagTo disclose a secret; to let a secret be known, often inadvertently.Rate it:
let the chips fall where they mayTo allow events to unfold naturally; to accept what occurs without prejudice, worry, or regret.Rate it:
let the dog see the rabbitGet out of the way, so I can see what I'm doing.Rate it:
let the door hit you where the good Lord split youA command that another person leave, thereby impliedly having the door hit them on the buttocks as they pass through it.Rate it:
let the good times rollTo have fun or live fully; may imply letting things that are going well proceed.Rate it:
let the grass grow under one's feetTo be idle; to fail to make progress.Rate it:
let the perfect be the enemy of the goodTo insist on the total realization of a goal and reject any compromise, thereby decreasing the chance of achieving even a part of that goal.Rate it:
let them have itTo attack a group, or the world in general, with great force.Rate it:
let them have itTo verbally assail a group, or the world in general.Rate it:
let there be lightUsed as a metaphor for the spread of wisdomRate it:
let there be lightUsed other than as an idiom: see let, there, be, light.Rate it:
let there be no reprisals, said the widow of the murdered manThe widow urged/begged that there should be no reprisals.Here the speaker could be ordering, advising, urging or begging (let there be) .Rate it:
let upslackenRate it:
let upTo lessen.Rate it:
let well aloneDo not interfere.Rate it:
let your hair downTo relaxRate it:
let's be having youExpression to encourage someone to hurry up and move somewhere.Rate it:
let's get in onTo get started; get going.Rate it:
let's get the party startedLet's start having fun.Rate it:
let's get the party startedLet's go; let's get this done; let's start more intense action.Rate it:
let's get this party startedAlternative form of let's get the party startedRate it:
let's gohortative of to go.Rate it:
let's goHurry up, be quick.Rate it:
let's golet's fight, bring it onRate it:
let's motivateTo depart; get moving.Rate it:
let's not and say we didIndicates that the speaker does not agree with a proposed action of a group, and does not wish to participate.Rate it:
let's rollUsed to suggest that an action should begin.Rate it:
let's seeused as a filled pause to indicating thinking or pondering, but allowing hearer to participateRate it:
let-downA disappointment or anticlimax.Rate it:
letters after one's nameA list of abbreviations, separated by commas, representing the academic qualifications and civil or military honours achieved by a person.Rate it:
level bestThe very best that one can do.Rate it:
level offto get to a stable level, to cease oscillatingRate it:
level outTo become even.Rate it:
level outTo cause to be even.Rate it:
level upTo progress to the next level of player character stats and abilities. Often used in role-playing games when the character has aquired enough experience points.Rate it:

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