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lightning in a bottleGreat, unlikely, fleeting success, particularly entrepreneurial or media.Rate it:
lightning in a bottleEphemeral state or atmosphere, as at startup company or artistic group.Rate it:
lightning in a bottleStored electricity, as in a capacitor.Rate it:
lightning never strikes twice in the same placeA lucky or unusual event is unlikely to occur again in the same way.Rate it:
lightning-quickIncredibly fast.Rate it:
lightning-quickIncredibly fastRate it:
lights, camera, actionThe traditional cue to the members of a film crew at the beginning of a take.Rate it:
like a bat out of hellvery quicklyRate it:
like a bear with a sore headVery irritable; bad-tempered.Rate it:
like a blue-arsed flyTo be frantic, harried or restlessRate it:
like a bull at a gatecharging into some task without much thought, taking action hastilyRate it:
like a bull in a china shopBoisterous, awkward, rough, disrespectful, careless. :Rate it:
like a bull in a china shopClumsy, aggressive, without care or concern, without self-control.Rate it:
like a bull in a china shopClumsily, aggressively, without care or concern, without self-control.Rate it:
like a bump on a logidly, listlessly, or uselesslyRate it:
like a cat in a strange garretHaving a feeling of uncertainty and misapprehension due to being in an unfamiliar situation.Rate it:
like a cat on a hot tin roofJumpy, nervous.Rate it:
like a charmVery effectively.Rate it:
like a chicken with its head cut offAlways on the move; in a frenzied manner; jumping around crazily in every direction.Rate it:
like a chicken with its head cut offIn a frantic, disorganized manner.Rate it:
like a chicken with the pipIn a weakened, confused, or sickly manner.Rate it:
like a dog in heatVery energetic and enthusiastic, especially when sexually aroused.Rate it:
like a dog on heatVery energetic and enthusiastic, especially when sexually aroused.Rate it:
like a dog with a boneStubborn; persistent; relentless; doggedRate it:
like a duck takes to waterVery naturally; without effort.Rate it:
like a duck to waterAlternative form of like a duck takes to waterRate it:
like a fish out of watercompletely out of the comfort zone.Rate it:
like a hawkWith particular vigilance or attention, implying sharp vision.Rate it:
like a hot knife through buttervery quickly and easily doneRate it:
like a kid in a candy storeElated or excited as a result of having many options to choose from.Rate it:
like a lamb to the slaughterhelplessly and innocently, without knowing the unpleasant consequences.Rate it:
like a manbravely, decisively and without complainingRate it:
like a martin to his gourdStraight, unerringly, directly.Rate it:
like a million bucksExtremely good or well.Rate it:
like a million dollarsExtremely good or well.Rate it:
like a phoenix from the ashesWith the power to triumph difficulties.Rate it:
like a ton of bricksVery strongly; very heavily; often unexpectedly.Rate it:
like a trainWith unstoppable momentum.Rate it:
like all get outLike nobody's business; The utmost degree possible.Rate it:
like chalk and cheeseAlternative form of different as chalk and cheese.Rate it:
like cheese at fourpenceOf a person, to be waiting idly or timewasting.Rate it:
like clockworkWith perfect regularity and precision; faultless.Rate it:
like crackVery addicting.Rate it:
like crazyTo a great or excessive degree; with great speed, output, enthusiasm, etc.Rate it:
like death warmed overIll, unwell.Rate it:
like father, like sonA son will have traits similar to his father upon reaching adulthood.Rate it:
like feeding time at the zooExtremely frenetic, disorderly and messy.Rate it:
like gangbustersVigorously, rapidly, zealously, or forcibly; in a manner which has considerable impact.Rate it:
like gold dustIf things or people are like gold dust, they are difficult to get because a lot of people want them.Rate it:
like hot cakesQuickly, especially by purchase or consumption.Rate it:

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