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talk the leg off a wooden indianExcessive talk.Rate it:
talk the talkSpeak like an expert, claim to be knowledgeable about something.Rate it:
talk throughTo tell someone step by step how to do something.Rate it:
talk throughTo comfort someone as they endure trauma; to help someone consider an issue or see certain aspects of it.Rate it:
talk through one's hatTo assert something as true or valid; to bluff.Rate it:
talk through one's hatTo speak lacking expertise, authority, or knowledge; to invent or fabricate facts.Rate it:
talk to oneselfTo say one's thoughts aloud, particularly while also not conversing with anyone else.Rate it:
talk to the handUsed usually sarcastically to dismiss another person's argument by indicating that the speaker (or writer) is not prepared to hear (or read) anything further that the other person has to say (or write). It is often used while simultaneously holding up the hand with the palm facing the speaker.Rate it:
talk turkeyTo talk or negotiate plainly, frankly, or seriously.Rate it:
talk upIn such a way as to make the thing or person sound better than it actually is.Rate it:
talk upTo talk louder.Rate it:
talking headA pundit who discusses issues of the day, especially one on TV.Rate it:
tall in the saddleImposing, impressive; resolute; manly.Rate it:
tall orderA big job; a difficult challenge.Rate it:
tall taleA greatly exaggerated, fantastic story.Rate it:
tally hohunting cryRate it:
tally onTo man a rope for hauling, the men standing in a line or tail.Rate it:
tally onTo dovetail together.Rate it:
tamp downTo compact a substance until it is flat.Rate it:
tamp downTo suppress.Rate it:
tan someone's hideTo beat or spank someone.Rate it:
TANJAcronym of there ain't no justice.Rate it:
tank topgarmentRate it:
tank upTo fill up.Rate it:
tank upTo intoxicate oneself, especially with alcohol.Rate it:
TANSTAAFLThere ain't no such thing as a free lunch; something advertised as being "free" will invariably have hidden costs.Rate it:
tant pisso much the worseRate it:
tap dancingAvoid issuesRate it:
tap inA simple, short putt very close to the hole.Rate it:
tap inA simple shot into the goal from close range, and without opposition.Rate it:
tap intoTo establish a connection with something, especially in order to take advantage of somethingRate it:
tap intoTo access a resource or object.Rate it:
tap outTo produce by tapping.Rate it:
tap outTo submit to an opponent by tapping one's hand repeatedly either on the arena or the opponent's body.Rate it:
tap outTo force to submit.Rate it:
tap outTo deplete, especially of a liquidRate it:
tap upTo make a specific approach to a person considered to be suitable for a professional position.Rate it:
tap upto make an approach to a player, under contract to another club, in order to attempt to negotiate a transferRate it:
tape offTo cordon.Rate it:
tape outOf a piece of land, to measure out so as to be able to accurately fire upon itRate it:
tape upto repair using tape.Rate it:
taper offTo diminish or lessen gradually; to become smaller, slower, quieter, etc.Rate it:
tar with the same brushTo characterize using the same undesirable attribute, especially unjustly.Rate it:
target someoneTo select or spot a particular individual for deleterious action, select as a subject for specific reason, or harm. Choose an individual for membership, advertising agenda, positive or negative onslaughts.Rate it:
tart upTo dress like a prostitute.Rate it:
tart upTo dress garishly.Rate it:
tart upTo modify or repackage a product, service, or idea to make it more attractive or easier to sell.Rate it:
tartufoHypocrite; tartuffe.Rate it:
tartufoTruffle.Rate it:
task forceA group of people working towards a particular task, project, or activity, especially assigned in a particular capacity.Rate it:

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