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take the countTo take to opportunity to rest briefly after being knocked down but before being counted out by the referee.Rate it:
take the countTo lose or fail.Rate it:
take the cureTo enter into a rehabilitation program.Rate it:
take the fallTo assume blame for oneself.Rate it:
take the fieldTo go out onto the playing field.Rate it:
take the fifthTo decline to comment, especially on grounds that it might be incriminating.Rate it:
take the flakTo be strongly criticised.Rate it:
take the game toTo use attacking tactics against.Rate it:
take the gilt off the gingerbreadTo take away the most attractive or appealing qualities of something; to destroy the illusion.Rate it:
take the heatTo take the blame; to be the focus of anger or scrutiny; to take the consequences.Rate it:
take the hintConcede to mounting evidence; wake up and smell the coffee.Rate it:
take the law into one's own handsTo punish someone according to one's own idea of justice and without consideration for the role of law enforcement authorities.Rate it:
take the leadTo assume leadership over a group.Rate it:
take the leadTo become the leader, to advance into first place.Rate it:
take the libertyTo act on one's own authority.Rate it:
take the michaelAlternative form of take the mickey, usually considered more polite.Rate it:
take the mickAlternative form of take the mickey.Rate it:
take the mickeyTo ridicule or mock.Rate it:
take the offensiveTo attack instead of defending; to be bold and proactive.Rate it:
take the peeTo mock; to make fun of.Rate it:
take the pissAre you takin' the piss? You'll get yer 'ead bashed in.Rate it:
take the pissEveryone takes the piss out of the bankers these days.Rate it:
take the pissTo ridicule or mock.Rate it:
take the plungeTo get engaged.Rate it:
take the plungeLaunch into the fray, take the important move with confidence, begin the trek.Rate it:
take the pointTo agree with what a person says, to be persuaded by their arguments.Rate it:
take the pointTo grasp the essential meaning of what a person is saying, to understand a person's argument and point of view.Rate it:
take the rapTo be blamed or punished for something, especially for the actions of another.Rate it:
take the red pillTo understand the world in its previously unknown reality.Rate it:
take the reinsTo assume charge over.Rate it:
take the shadow for the substanceTo be easily deceived, credulous, superficial.Rate it:
take the standTo testify as a witness in a trial.Rate it:
take the veilTo retire into a convent and live as a nun.Rate it:
take the wheelTo assume control of a situation.Rate it:
take the wheelTo be in control of the steering wheel of a vehicle or a vessel.Rate it:
take the wind out of someone's sailsTo discourage someone greatly; to cause someone to lose hope or the will to continue.Rate it:
take things as they comeTo accept and deal with events as they occur, with a composed state of mind.Rate it:
take toTo adapt to; to learn, grasp or master.Rate it:
take toTo enter; to go into or move towards.Rate it:
take toTo begin, as a new habit or practice.Rate it:
take toform a liking forRate it:
take to heartTo take something seriously; to internalize or live according to something (e.g. advice.)Rate it:
take to heartTo feel keenly; be greatly grieved at; be much affected by something.Rate it:
take to one's heelsTo leave; especially, to flee or run away.Rate it:
take to something like a duck to waterto adapt to something naturally and effortlesslyRate it:
take to taskTo lecture, berate, admonish, or hold somebody accountable for his or her actions.Rate it:
take to the bankTo utterly trust, believe, or rely on.Rate it:
take to the cleanersTo take a significant quantity of a person's money or valuables, through gambling, unfavorable investing, fraud, litigation, etc.Rate it:
take to the hillsTo flee or vanish; to run away.Rate it:
take to wifeto marry (as in a specific woman)Rate it:

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