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tell you the truthUsed to positively assert the frank honesty of an associated statement of set of statements; equivalent to "to you tell the truth".Rate it:
tell you whatIntroduces a compromise or arrangement where the interlocutor has some benefit or advantage.Rate it:
telling offA reprimand, reproach, or lecture.Rate it:
temper temperUsed to tell someone to control their temperRate it:
tempest in a teapotA major fuss over a trivial matter.Rate it:
temple of immensityThe universe or the complete overhead expanse of the heavens, especially as conceived as an object of religious reverence.Rate it:
tempt fateTo take an extreme riskRate it:
tempus fugittime flies (used as an alternative to this phrase)."Meanwhile, the irreplaceable time escapes", expressing concern that one's limited time is being consumed by something which may have little intrinsic substance or importance at that moment.Rate it:
ten a pennySo common as to be practically worthless.Rate it:
ten foot poleSee not touch something with a ten foot pole.Rate it:
ten points to GryffindorUsed to praise someone for a statement or action viewed as commendable.Rate it:
ten to oneVery likely to happenRate it:
ten-dollar wordA long and uncommon word used in place of a shorter and simpler one with the intent to appear sophisticated.Rate it:
tenement buildingsblocks of flatsRate it:
tenon sawhand toolRate it:
tense upto become tenseRate it:
tentpole movieA major motion picture which is expensive to produce and which is expected to generate significant revenue for its producing studio and investors.Rate it:
TEOTWAWKIThe end of the world as we know it.Rate it:
term outTo finish the term.Rate it:
term outUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see term,‎ out.Rate it:
terminal leavesplural form of terminal leaveRate it:
terminal leavesUsed other than as an idiom: see terminal, leaf.Rate it:
terra firmadry landRate it:
territorial pissingIn animals, territorial marking, urinating on an area to identify territoryRate it:
territorial pissingAny territorial behaviour exhibited by humans.Rate it:
test bedAny venue, setup, etc. used for experimentation, testing, proving a concept, etc.Rate it:
test matchcricket internationalRate it:
test of timeThe correlation of longevity with validity of an idea or trend.Rate it:
test the watersTo explore or probe, as before making a commitment.Rate it:
tete a teteprivate conversationRate it:
TFAEInitialism of the following are equivalent.Rate it:
tfbInitialism of too fucking bad.Rate it:
TGIAFInitialism of thank God it's almost Friday.Rate it:
TGIAFInitialism of thank goodness it's almost Friday.Rate it:
TGIFInitialism of thank God it's Friday.Rate it:
TGIFInitialism of Twitter, Google, iPhone/iPad or Instagram, Facebook.Rate it:
than a bygodUsed with a comparative to express extreme heat or cold.Rate it:
thank one's lucky starsTo be grateful, feel oneself fortunateRate it:
thanks a bunchA mildly sarcastic thank you.Rate it:
thanks a bunchAn unsarcastic thank you.Rate it:
thanks a heapSynonym of thanks a lotRate it:
thanks a tonSynonym of thanks a lotRate it:
thanks for nothingExpression of displeasure towards a person who has not provided what was wanted.Rate it:
thanks for your helpExpresses appreciation of assistance provided or services rendered by the interlocutor.Rate it:
thankuAlternative spelling of thank youRate it:
thankyousomuchEquivalent to, eg: "Thank you very much", self-evidently an expression of great thanks.Rate it:
thar she blowsAlternative form of there she blowsRate it:
that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffeecomment used to imply that previously stated information, ability, or item, is of no value.Rate it:
that and twenty-five cents will get you a cup of coffeeAlternative form of that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffeeRate it:
that cock won't fightSynonym of that dog won't huntRate it:

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