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first of neverA nonexisting day; a day that will never come.Rate it:
first offFirstly; before anything else.Rate it:
first port of callThe first place to go to start a process.Rate it:
first port of callThe first port that a vessel calls in at after the start of a voyage.Rate it:
first rateSuperb, exceptional; of the best sort; very high quality.Rate it:
first things firstDeal with matters of highest priority first; deal with matters in logical sequence.1922, H. G. Wells, The Secret Places of the Heart, ch.4,"First things first," said Sir Richmond. If we set about getting fuel sanely, if we do it as the deliberate, co-operative act of the whole species, then it follows that we shall look very closely into the use that is being made of it.1999, Frank Pellegrini, "House Republicans Quell Mutiny Over Tax Bounty," Time, 23 Jul.,Judging by the pollsRate it:
first upFirstly; before anything else.Rate it:
fish for complimentsTo try to induce someone to make a compliment.Rate it:
fish in troubled watersTo take advantage from a chaotic situation.Rate it:
fish killAn underwater anoxic event, especially one that causes a crash in fish populationsRate it:
fish killUsed other than as an idiom: see fish, kill.Rate it:
fish or cut baitTo choose between taking action now, or forgoing the opportunity and putting that energy into another endeavor; to decide.Rate it:
fish outTo deplete the supply of fish in a given body of water.Rate it:
fish out of waterA person in unfamiliar, and often uncomfortable, surroundings.Rate it:
fish to fryA matter to attend to.Rate it:
fish-eating grinA broad smile indicating self-awareness that may suggest self-satisfaction, smugness, discomfort, or embarrassment.Rate it:
fishing expeditionA non-specific search for information, especially incriminating information.Rate it:
fishtailThe tail of a fish, or an object resembling this.Rate it:
fit as a butcher's dogVery fit; in good shape.Rate it:
fit as a fiddlePerfectly fit; in excellent health.Rate it:
fit as a lopIn good health, fitness.Rate it:
fit as a Mallee bullto be in good physical health. The Mallee is a major region for Australia's beef production in western Victoria.Rate it:
fit for a kinglavish; luxuriousRate it:
fit inbelong, conformRate it:
fit inmake time or spaceRate it:
fit intoTo be of the right size and shape to be placed in a location.Rate it:
fit intoTo be of similar cultural or social status as the members of a group of people.Rate it:
fit like a gloveTo be a perfect fit, to be exactly the right size.Rate it:
fit of furyTo be really angryRate it:
fit outTo provide a thing, a group, a person or oneself with requisites; to kit out.Rate it:
fit the billTo satisfy a need; to serve a purpose; to fulfill specified requirements.Rate it:
fit the moldPossession of a variety of necessary and appropriate attributes and aptitudes can reveal an individual as fitting the mold for a specific difficult challenge.Rate it:
fit to be tiedVery agitated or distressed; enraged.Rate it:
fit to wake the deadAt a very high volume; extremely loudly.Rate it:
fit togetherTo put the appropriate parts of into a whole; to combine pieces that go together to create a finished object.Rate it:
fit togetherTo be able to be assembled in this way.Rate it:
fit upConspire to incriminate falsely a presumably innocent person.Rate it:
fit upTo furnish with suitable things; to prepare; to fit out.Rate it:
fits and startsActivity which is intermittent, variable in intensity, and prolonged by interruptions.Rate it:
five by fiveI hear you loud and clearRate it:
five will get you tenI strongly believe.Rate it:
five-finger discountTheft or pilferage, typically of a small item; shoplifting.Rate it:
fix someone's wagonTo punish someone; to cause injury, distress, or inconvenience for someone.Rate it:
fix upTo repair or refurbish.Rate it:
fixing toGoing to; preparing to; about to.Rate it:
fizzle outTo lose excitement, to become less exciting.Rate it:
flag downUse a flag or some kind of signal to get the attention of someone.Rate it:
flag upTo mark for attention; to flag.Rate it:
flail aboutTo wave one's arms about violently, rather like a flail.Rate it:
flake outTo fall asleep from exhaustion.Rate it:

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