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feels over realspreference for one's feelings or beliefs over the reality that they contradictRate it:
feet firstWith the feet preceding the rest of the body.Rate it:
feet firstIn the manner of a deceased person (i.e., dead).Rate it:
feet of clayTo say that someone, who appears strong or invincible, in fact has a hidden weak point which could cause their fall.Rate it:
feet on the groundIn a manner characteristic of a practical person; sensibly.Rate it:
felt tip penwriting implementRate it:
female-to-maleUsed other than as an idiom: see female, to, male.Rate it:
female-to-maleChanging or having changed (via gender reassignment surgery) from being physically female to being male.Rate it:
female-to-maleChanging or having changed from having a female gender (gender identity or presentation) to being male.Rate it:
female-to-maleThat changes a female end (usually a socket) of a connection into a male one (with pins, usually a plug).Rate it:
feminine intuitionwomen's sixth senseRate it:
fence inTo enclose with a fence.Rate it:
fence inTo restrict freedom.Rate it:
fence offTo enclose an area within a fence.Rate it:
fencepost problemIn computer programming, a problem dealing with how to treat the initial or boundary values of a discrete problem.Rate it:
fend and proveTo engage in argument.Rate it:
fend awayTo turn something away; to ward off.Rate it:
fend for oneselfLook after and provide for oneself, without any help from othersRate it:
fend offTo take defensive action, push against, veer away, avoid, steer away, retreat, tack, give strong vocal or signal warning.Rate it:
fend offAway; to turn away; to defend against; to repel with force or effort.Rate it:
fender-benderA minor accident involving at least one motor vehicle.Rate it:
ferret aroundTo search for something by sorting through materials or by speaking to contacts and following leads.Rate it:
ferret outTo discover something after searching.Rate it:
ferris wheelfairgroung rideRate it:
fess upTo confess to something; to admit something.Rate it:
festive boardEuropean reference to softwood-trenchers; {Early tableware was a wide softwood plank carved with shallow indentations for various food servings: When filled with appetizing, sumptuous portions it was referred, Festive BoardRate it:
fetch awayTo move off, come loose; to go off suddenly away a given position.Rate it:
fetch upTo arrive somewhere, especially unexpectedly.Rate it:
fetch upTo overtake.Rate it:
fever pitchExtreme excitementRate it:
few and far betweenRare and scarce.Rate it:
few cards shy of a full deckmentally deranged; demented; insane.Rate it:
few sandwiches short of a picnicExhibiting disquiet or unsoundness of mind; not sane; mad.Rate it:
fiat luxLet there be light, especially in the context of light being a metaphor for wisdomRate it:
fiddle aboutTo waste time; spend time idly.Rate it:
fiddle aroundThe act of needless attention, inappropriate experimentation, lackadaisical manipulations.Rate it:
fiddle awayTo play the fiddle idly.Rate it:
fiddle awayTo wasteRate it:
fiddle faddlenonsenseRate it:
fiddle while Rome burnsTo neglect helping when one's time is needed most; to ignore the major problem at hand (whilst doing something less important); to be idle, inactive, or uninterested in a time of great need.Rate it:
fiddle withTo manipulate an object, especially in a nervous or restless manner.Rate it:
fiddle withTo adjust the position, as of an electronic device, in order to provide better reception or signal.Rate it:
fiddle withTo manipulate in order to gain something for oneself.Rate it:
field dayA parade day.Rate it:
field dayA school day for athletic events; a sports day.Rate it:
field dayTop-to-bottom all-hands cleaning.Rate it:
field dayA day of class taken away from school for a field trip.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do, at somebody else's expense.Rate it:
field dayA great time or a great deal to do.Rate it:
fifteen minutes of fameA very short time in the spotlight or brief flurry with fame, after which the person or subject involved is quickly forgotten.Rate it:

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