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fill someone's shoesTo do (somebody's) job; to perform or assume (somebody's) role.Rate it:
fill the billTo satisfy a need; to serve a purpose; to fulfill specified requirements.Rate it:
fill the billIn order to fill the bill an individual must carry the ball, complete the task, fulfill the expectations.Rate it:
fill upTo make full.Rate it:
fill upTo become full.Rate it:
film at 11Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see film,‎ at,‎ 11.Rate it:
film at 11the video footage of a breaking news story will be screened later that evening.Rate it:
film at 11more information will follow in the future.Rate it:
film at 11the news stories are unsurprising.Rate it:
film at elevenAlternative form of film at 11Rate it:
film criticmovie reviewerRate it:
film noirmovie styleRate it:
film outTo transfer images or animation from videotape or digital files to a traditional celluloid film print.Rate it:
filter downOf a liquid; to move slowly down to lower substrate levels.Rate it:
filter downOf information, or resources; to move slowly down to lower levels of an organisation, or population.Rate it:
filter outTo selectively remove part of something.Rate it:
filter upOf information, knowledge or practice; to move slowly up to other levels of an organisation, or population.Rate it:
filthy lucremoney (used with contempt or condemnation)Rate it:
filthy richVery rich (wealthy).Rate it:
final curtainThe end to something which has longed for a long time.Rate it:
final cutA group, after a selection process getting rid of other candidates.Rate it:
final cutIn the movie industry, the final released version of the film.Rate it:
final nail in the coffinSomething that is ultimately responsible for a previously prospective demise or failure.Rate it:
final resting placegraveRate it:
final sayThe right to make a final decision.Rate it:
final solutionUsed other than as an idiom: see final, solution.Rate it:
final solutionThe planned and attempted mass murder of the European Jews by the Nazis; the Holocaust.Rate it:
find another gearTo suddenly achieve an extra burst of athletic performance, especially after a sustained period of competitive exertion.Rate it:
find another gearTo achieve enhanced performance.Rate it:
find faultTo criticize excessivelyRate it:
find it in one's heartTo feel compassionate, especially in order to forgive someoneRate it:
find one's feetTo grow in confidence in a new situation as one gains experience.Rate it:
find one's voiceTo become willing or able to talk or otherwise express one's opinions.Rate it:
find oneselfTo learn, or attempt to learn, what kind of person one is and what one wants in life.Rate it:
find oneselfTo unexpectedly or unintentionally begin to do or experience something.Rate it:
find oneselfTo be in a particular state of mind.Rate it:
find oneselfTo discover oneself to be in a particular place.Rate it:
find outTo discover, as by asking or exploring.Rate it:
find outlearnRate it:
find the netto score a goalRate it:
find your grooveYour place in lifeRate it:
finders keepersThe doctrine that whoever finds something is allowed to keep itRate it:
fine as frog hairExtremely fine.Rate it:
fine feathers make fine birdsSomething that appears beautiful or good is by definition beautiful or good.Rate it:
fine lineA difference, albeit vague and difficult to discern.Rate it:
fine printThe details, restrictions, terms, or conditions, especially of a contract, often printed in very small type.Rate it:
fine words butter no parsnipsTalking about doing something does not get it done.Rate it:
finer than frog hairExtremely fine.Rate it:
finer thingsThat which is considered of a high quality, expensive or tasteful.Rate it:
finest hourA point in time or a relatively brief period of time when an especially distinguished, admirable, or effective set of actions is performed.Rate it:

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