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adopt a positive agendaThousands of successful individuals maintain their goals have been achieved mainly because of their positive attitudes in all challenging projects and situations.Rate it:
adopt outTo expel a child from a family by placing them for adoption; to put a child up for adoption privately, without going through an adoption agency.Rate it:
adopt outTo send a son or daughter away to live in another country..Rate it:
adrenaline junkieOne who is seemingly addicted to the sensation of exhilaration associated with risky behaviors or exciting situations, and who actively seeks such opportunities.Rate it:
adroitVery skilled,proficient,proffesionalRate it:
AFAIACInitialism of As far as I am concerned.Rate it:
AFAICMOInitialism of as far as I can make out.Rate it:
AFAICSInitialism of as far as I can see.Rate it:
AFAICTInitialism of as far as I can tell.Rate it:
AFAIRInitialism of as far as I recall.Rate it:
AFAIRInitialism of as far as I remember.Rate it:
AFAIUAs far as I understand.Rate it:
AFAIUIInitialism of as far as I understand it.Rate it:
AFFORDABLE UTILITY VEHICLEHatch back (two box) vehicle with 'utility vehicle' appearance/some features; 'donut tires', e.g. Ford Ecosport. Who Sez?Rate it:
after allin spite of everythingRate it:
after allIn the end; anyway; referring to something that was believed to be the case, but has now been shown not to be.Rate it:
after all is said and doneAlternative form of when all is said and doneRate it:
after one's own heartOf a person: having the same ideas, opinions or behaviour as oneself.Rate it:
after Saturday comes SundayUsed other than as an idiom: see after, Saturday, comes, Sunday.Rate it:
after Saturday comes SundayA phrase sometimes attributed to fundamentalist Muslims, implying that they wish to kill the Jews, whose sabbath is Saturday, and then the Christians, whose sabbath is Sunday.Rate it:
after the factToo late; after something is finished or final.Rate it:
after the jumpUsed to introduce an inline advertisement in a webpage etc.Rate it:
after the Lord Mayor's showSaid of a disappointing or mundane event occurring straight after an exciting, magnificent, or triumphal event.Rate it:
after youA gesture, usually polite, urging another person to take a turn at something ahead of the speaker.Rate it:
after you, AlphonseAn exchange indicating excessive formality or effort at politeness, particularly where two people each refuse to go forward because each insists on allowing the other to go forward first.Rate it:
again and againRepeatedly.Rate it:
against all oddsDespite seemingly insurmountable opposition or probability.Rate it:
against the clockIn a time-restricted manner, to meet a deadline, hurriedly, timed.Rate it:
against the collarIn a tight spot.Rate it:
against the grainContrary to what is expected; especially, of behavior different from what society expects.Rate it:
against the grainTo sand or plane a piece of wood parallel or nearly parallel to the fibers such that splinters forming ahead of the tool originate below the cutting surface.Rate it:
against the grainUnwillingly, reluctantly. It went much against the grain with him, i.e. it was much against his inclination, or against his pluck.Rate it:
against the lawUsed other than as an idiom: see against, the, law.Rate it:
against the lawIllegal, forbidden by law.Rate it:
against the run of playContrary to the flow of the game.Rate it:
against the worldTogether; as a group, unit, or couple.Rate it:
age before beautyA phrase said to allow older people to go before younger ones.Rate it:
age outUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see age,‎ out.Rate it:
age outTo become too old for an activity, program or institution; to become too mature for a behavior.Rate it:
agree to disagreeTo tolerate each other's opinion and stop arguing; to acknowledge that an agreement will not be reached.Rate it:
agree withUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see agree,‎ with.Rate it:
agree withTo not make one sick; to not cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea when eaten.Rate it:
agreement in principleA legally enforceable, but incompletely specified, agreement between parties that identifies the fundamental terms that are intended to be or are agreed upon.Rate it:
aha momentThe moment or instance at which the solution to a problem or other significant realization becomes clear.Rate it:
ahead of one's timeShowing characteristics of changes yet to be; present in one's work before later advances in the field; coming earlier than could be generally accepted.Rate it:
ahead of the curveChanging before competitors.Rate it:
ahead of the curveAbove average; generally performing well.Rate it:
ahead of the curveFigurative expression asserting a position in advance of a result, solution, position, or postulation:Rate it:
ahead of the gameHaving completed a task before it is due; ready, prepared, or anticipating.Rate it:
AICMFPInitialism of and I claim my five pounds.Rate it:

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