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aide-de-camplower ranked military officerRate it:
aim atTo design for a particular audience.Rate it:
aim toUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see aim,‎ to.Rate it:
aim toTo intend to.Rate it:
ain't no mountain high enoughno barrier or obstacle will stand in one's way in reaching his/her objectiveRate it:
AINECInitialism of and it's not even close.Rate it:
air bagcar's safety deviceRate it:
air bedinflatable mattressRate it:
air commodoreRAF officerRate it:
air one's dirty laundry in publicto reveal one's secrets to the public.Rate it:
air outTo expose to air; to leave open or spread out, as to allow odor or moisture to dissipate.Rate it:
air outTo discuss in the open.Rate it:
air rageDisruptive behaviour on an aircraft.Rate it:
AITYDInitialism of and I think you do.Rate it:
AKICIFInitialism of all knowledge is contained in fanzines : a humorous allusion to the tendency of irrelevant topics to be discussed in venues ostensibly devoted to fandom.Rate it:
al-frescoin the open airRate it:
alarm bellUsed other than as an idiom: see alarm, bell.Rate it:
alarm bellA sudden awareness of danger.Rate it:
alarums and excursionsAll the sounds and activities of preparations for war.Rate it:
alarums and excursionsAny frantic activity.Rate it:
albatrossA double eagle, or three under par on any one hole.Rate it:
albatrossA long-term impediment, burden, or curse.Rate it:
albatrossAny of various large seabirds of the family Diomedeidae ranging widely in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific and having a hooked beak and long narrow wings.Rate it:
albatross around one's neckSomething that one is associated with that keeps one from succeeding in what they want to achieve.Rate it:
albatross round one's neckAlternative form of albatross around one's neck.Rate it:
ale postA maypole.Rate it:
alive and kickingHealthy; vital; in good health, particularly in opposition to unfavorable circumstances.Rate it:
all aboardA cry to passengers to board a train or boat that is soon to depart.Rate it:
all alongThe entire time; always.Rate it:
all and someone and allRate it:
all and sundryAll, everyone.Rate it:
all and sundryEach one.Rate it:
all at onceAll at the same time; all together.Rate it:
all at onceUnexpectedly; without warning; all of a sudden.Rate it:
all bark and no biteFull of big talk but lacking action, power, or substance; pretentious.Rate it:
all bets are offIndicates that a future event appears uncertain, especially one that before seemed more certain.Rate it:
all butnearlyRate it:
all butnearly; except thatRate it:
all cats are gray at nightVariant of all cats are grey in the dark.Rate it:
all cats are gray in the darkVariant of all cats are grey in the dark.Rate it:
all cats are grey at nightVariant of all cats are grey in the dark.Rate it:
all cats are grey by nightVariant of all cats are grey in the dark.Rate it:
all cats are grey in the darkIn the dark, physical appearance is unimportant.Rate it:
all clearpermission to proceedRate it:
all correcttrue; agreed, yes indeedRate it:
all correctin order; properly arranged; as expected; above reproach; shipshapeRate it:
all dressedused in reference to (ordering) or eating a pizza with "everything", meaning all toppings (mushrooms, peppers, etc.) on itRate it:
all dressed up and nowhere to goElaborately attired or otherwise fully prepared for an anticipated situation or activity which, nevertheless, fails to occur.Rate it:
all duck or no dinnerAll or nothing.Rate it:
all earsAwaiting an explanation.Rate it:

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