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ancient historyA period of history generally seen as occurring before the Middle Ages, that is, before the fall of the Roman Empire. Includes Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.Rate it:
and allIncluding every object, attribute, or process associated with preceding item or series of items.Rate it:
and allUsed to suggest certain unstated relevant implications or what has been stated.Rate it:
and allUsed to add emphasis.Rate it:
and all thatUsed at the end of a statement to insinuate that there is more information that can be inferred from the preceding.Rate it:
and all the rest of itSynonym of and so forthRate it:
and all thisUsed at the end of a statement to insinuate that there is more information that can be inferred from the preceding.Rate it:
and be done with itUsed to terminate discussion or delay with a call to actionRate it:
and changeAnd some quantity, but less than the increment to the next round number.Rate it:
and countingUsed to show that the number previously mentioned is continuously changing, i.e. increasing or decreasing.Rate it:
and crapAlternative form of and shit.Rate it:
and don't play one on TVA term often used after a person claims to have no expertise in a topic of discussion, but still wants to contribute a comment.Rate it:
and finallyA light news story reserved for the end of a bulletin when there is a lack of more important items; typically involving animals or other features supposed to be amusing.Rate it:
and his motherServes as an intensifier for an inclusive noun or phrase such as everyone, anyone, each someone or all someones.Rate it:
and howUsed to strongly confirm preceding utterance.Rate it:
and shitUsed after a noun or list of nouns in place of "etc".Rate it:
and so forthIndicates that a list continues in a similar manner.Rate it:
and so onIndicates that a list continues in a similar manner.Rate it:
and thatAnd everything related to that; and so on; etc.Rate it:
and thatAnd the others; used after a name to denote the friends or social group of that person.Rate it:
and the horse you rode in onIntensifier.Rate it:
and the horse you rode in onEuphemistic shortening of "fuck you and the horse you rode in on"Rate it:
and the likeAnd other similar items.Rate it:
and then someUsed to confirm preceding utterance, while implying that what was said or asked is an understatement.Rate it:
and then there were nonean eliminationRate it:
and whatnotAnd so on; et ceteraRate it:
and your little dog tooA statement that not only will the person being addressed be punished but their conspirators will also.Rate it:
angapooay problemaNo ProblemRate it:
angel passesUsed to denote an awkward pause.Rate it:
angel's advocateSomeone who sees what's good about an idea and supports it.Rate it:
angle forTo try to obtain something by subtle indirect means. Political manoeuvres, suggestion, etc.Rate it:
angle for farthingsTo beg out of a prison window with a cap, or box, let down at the end of a long string.Rate it:
angle of attackUsed other than as an idiom: see angle, attack.Rate it:
angle of attackThe angle between the chord line of an airfoil and the airflow over it; one of the determiners of the amount of lift produced by an airfoil.Rate it:
angle of attackThe angle between a mid-sail and the direction of the wind.Rate it:
ankle sockshosieryRate it:
another country heard fromAlternative form of another county heard fromRate it:
another day, another dollaran expression recognizing a balance in life, normalcy, and routinenessRate it:
another nail in one's coffinOne in a series of factors which lead, or purport to lead, to downfall.Rate it:
another string to one's bowAnother skill, ability or resource when one fails.Rate it:
answer backTo reply impertinently; to talk back.Rate it:
answer backTo reply to a question at a later time.Rate it:
answer backTo issue echo characters, protocol responses, reflexive connection requests, etc.Rate it:
answer forTo be held responsible for.Rate it:
answer forTo guarantee.Rate it:
answer for!be held accountable FOR your sins!"'; 'to be responsible for the results, the outcome, the success or failure thereof!Rate it:
answer on a postcardTo give a brief answer or opinion.Rate it:
answer toUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see answer,‎ to.Rate it:
answer toTo be accountable or responsible to; to account to; to report to.Rate it:
answer toTo justify oneself to.Rate it:

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