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PO'dAnnoyed, irritated, angry; depressed, fed up.Rate it:
poacher turned gamekeeperA person who now works against the same people they once supported.Rate it:
poachers gunUsed other than as an idiom. poacher's gunRate it:
poachers gunA small bore shotgun hidden in a walking cane.Rate it:
pocket moneychild's allowanceRate it:
pocket-sizedsmall enough to fit into a pocketRate it:
pocket-sizedsmall-scale, downsizedRate it:
poetry in motionGraceful, fluid movement.Rate it:
point blankThe distance between a gun and a target such that it requires minimal effort in aiming it. In particular no allowance needs to be made for the effects of gravity, target movement or wind in aiming the projectile.Rate it:
point manIn combat, the soldier who takes point; the soldier who assumes the first and most exposed position in a combat military formation; the lead soldier/unit advancing through hostile or unsecured territory.Rate it:
point manA most trusted assistant or associate; the person to upon whom one would most rely.Rate it:
point of no returnThe point in an aircraft's flight when there is insufficient fuel to reverse direction and return to the place of origin.Rate it:
point of no returnThe point in any journey, process, or sequence of events when it is no longer possible to reverse course or stop the process.Rate it:
point outTo identify with a bodily gesture, notably by pointing a finger or implement.Rate it:
point outTo tell, remind, indicate to someone.Rate it:
point the fingerTo accuse; to direct or imply blame.Rate it:
point the finger atTo accuse or blame.Rate it:
poisonA drink; liquor.Rate it:
poisonA substance that is harmful or lethal to a living organism.Rate it:
poisonSomething that harms a person or thing.Rate it:
poison penA usually intentionally rude, spiteful, and/or condescending piece of writing directed at a person, group, lifestyle, way of thought, or other target.Rate it:
poison tree bears poison fruitUnethical actions in the service of good intentions will have immoral or unethical consequences.Rate it:
poison-pen letterA missive which is malicious, insulting, and/or defamatory toward a person, organization, or point of view, especially one which is unsigned.Rate it:
poisoned chaliceA scheme or instrument for causing death or harm, especially one which eventually brings about the downfall of its creator; something which is initially regarded as advantageous but which is later recognized to be disadvantageous or harmful.Rate it:
pole up one's assAn extremely uptight personalityRate it:
poles apartTotally opposite.Rate it:
police beatUsed other than as an idiom: see police, beat.Rate it:
police beatA small police station, with a limited range of facilities, located in an officer's residence or in a shopping centre.Rate it:
polish offOr liquor.Rate it:
polish offTo remove by polishing .Rate it:
Polish parliamentThe Sejm of the Republic of Poland.Rate it:
Polish parliamentA deliberative body institutionally unable to reach a decision.Rate it:
polish the appleIt was common for children to bring a nice apple to their teacher to enhance their public relations status: "Polish It For Better Relations"Rate it:
polite fictionA social scenario in which all participants are aware of a truth, but pretend to believe in some alternative version of events to avoid conflict or embarrassment.Rate it:
political footballA contentious political issue or problem that is often debated or discussed, but that remains unresolved; an issue or problem which is avoided by authorities and handed off to others.Rate it:
political footballOngoing unproductive wrangling or posturing between political factions, resulting in failure to deal with an issue or problem in a decisive or appropriate way.Rate it:
politically correctAvoiding offense based on demographics especially race, sex, religion, ideology, sexuality, disability, or social groupingRate it:
politically correctUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
polo shirtgarmentRate it:
pony in the barnAn exciting and real prospect, something to be legitimately excited about.Rate it:
pony upTo pay (usually a bill, debt or due).Rate it:
pony up!Fulfill your promise, pay your dues, PITCH-IN, help-out, toss-in a few sheckels;Rate it:
poop factoryAn infant.Rate it:
poop factoryAn animal whose defecation inconveniences humans.Rate it:
poop machineAn infant.Rate it:
poop machineAn animal whose defecation inconveniences humans.Rate it:
poop one's pantsto defecate in one's clothes while wearing them.Rate it:
poor as a church mouseVery poor to a point of starving or begging.Rate it:
poor boyUsed other than as an idiom: see poor, boy.Rate it:
poor boyA submarine sandwich.Rate it:

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