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day-to-dayHappening every day.Rate it:
day-to-daySubject to daily redetermination.Rate it:
day-to-dayOn a daily basis.Rate it:
day-to-dayOrdinary, monotonous routine; that which is usual or mundane.Rate it:
daylightThe light from the Sun, as opposed to that from any other source.Rate it:
daylightA light source that simulates daylight.Rate it:
daylightThe intensity distribution of light over the visible spectrum generated by the Sun under various conditions or by other light sources intended to simulate natural daylight.Rate it:
daylightThe period of time between sunrise and sunset.Rate it:
daylightDaybreak.Rate it:
daylightExposure to public scrutiny.Rate it:
daylightA clear, open space.Rate it:
daylightThe space between platens on a press or similar machinery.Rate it:
daylightEmotional or psychological distance between people, or disagreement.Rate it:
daylightTo expose to daylightRate it:
daylightTo provide sources of natural illumination such as skylights or windows.Rate it:
daylightTo allow light in, as by drawing drapes.Rate it:
daylightTo run a drainage pipe to an opening from which its contents can drain away naturally.Rate it:
daylightTo gain exposure to the open.Rate it:
daylight robberyAn exorbitant charge for a product or service.Rate it:
daysLife.Rate it:
daysPlural form of day.Rate it:
days of yorethe past; bygone days (nostalgic)Rate it:
dead : So hated by that they are absolutely ignored.Rate it:
deadBroken or inoperable.Rate it:
deadCompletely inactive; without power; without a signal.Rate it:
deadExact.Rate it:
deadFiguratively, not alive; lacking life.Rate it:
deadFull and complete.Rate it:
deadNo longer living.Rate it:
deadNo longer used or required.Rate it:
deadNot in play.Rate it:
deadStationary; static.Rate it:
deadUnproductive.Rate it:
deadWithout emotion.Rate it:
deadWithout interest to one of the senses; dull; flat.Rate it:
dead 'n' buriedContraction of dead and buried.Rate it:
dead airAn unintended interruption in a radio broadcast during which there is no sound; a similar interruption of a television broadcast in which there is neither sound nor a video signal.Rate it:
dead and buriedMoot, passed, irrelevant, forgotten.Rate it:
dead as a dodoThat has become out of date.Rate it:
dead as a dodoUndoubtedly and unquestionably dead.Rate it:
dead as a doorknobEntirely, unquestionably or certainly dead.Rate it:
dead as a doornailUnquestionably dead. Used for both inanimate objects and once living beings.Rate it:
dead asleepSleeping in a deep sleepRate it:
dead beatexhaustedRate it:
dead duckA project that is doomed to failure from the start.Rate it:
dead duckOne who is in serious danger or trouble.Rate it:
dead endcul-de-sacRate it:
dead endA path or strategy that goes nowhere or is blocked on one end.Rate it:
dead giveawayObvious, easily apparent.Rate it:
dead heatA close race or contest in which no winner is apparent.Rate it:

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