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rocket scientistSomeone qualified to understand or handle that which is overly complex, detailed or confusing; a genius.Rate it:
rocket upto increase sharply.Rate it:
rocking horsetoyRate it:
rocking horse shitA metaphor for something exceedingly rare or, more likely, nonexistent.Rate it:
rocking-horse shitAlternative form of rocking horse shit.Rate it:
rod for one's backThe means of one's own punishment or downfall.Rate it:
roger thatReceived (used in radio communications to acknowledge that a message has been received and understood)Rate it:
roger thatUsed to acknowledge receipt and understanding of a messageRate it:
rogues' galleryA set of pictures of convicted or suspected criminals used in law enforcement investigations to help witnesses identify suspects.Rate it:
rogues' galleryA group of lawbreakers or other disreputable characters.Rate it:
roll aroundto move about on the ground while rotating and turning one's bodyRate it:
roll aroundto be considered, without much coherence, in someone's mindRate it:
roll aroundTo indulge in sexual intercourse (with)Rate it:
roll aroundto happen, occur, take placeRate it:
roll back the yearsTo produce a sense of nostalgiaRate it:
roll down the windowsTo flail one's arms in a circular motion when off-balance, as to mimic the act of rolling down a car window.Rate it:
roll in one's graveUsed other than as an idiom: see roll, in, one's, grave.Rate it:
roll in one's graveAlternative form of turn in one's grave.Rate it:
roll in the aislesTo laugh uproariously.Rate it:
roll in wealthTo be very rich.Rate it:
roll off the tongueTo proceed into oral expression in a manner which is fluent, appealing, or glib.Rate it:
roll one's eyesTo deliberately turn one's eyes upwards, usually to indicate disapproval, indifference or frustration.Rate it:
roll outTo deploy.Rate it:
roll outUsed other than as an idiom: see roll, out.Rate it:
roll out the red carpetTo extend the utmost hospitality; to treat someone as an honored guest; to welcome or host, especially in a showy or extravagant manner.Rate it:
roll the diceTo take a chance.Rate it:
roll the pillTo stimulate ones clitoris; to masturbate.Rate it:
roll up one's sleevesTo prepare to work.Rate it:
rolling in doughRich, very prosperous.Rate it:
rolling in itUsed other than as an idiom: see roll, in, it.Rate it:
rolling in itHaving an abundance of money.Rate it:
rolling pinkitchen utensilRate it:
rolling stoneA person who moves around a lot and never settles down.Rate it:
rolloverContinue one's Funds In Program, 'Rollover' My Existing Funds, My Plan, Stay The Course In The Present Agenda, Investiture: Do Not Close OuI, Retain All Funds And'Steady As You Go!Rate it:
roman candlefireworkRate it:
rome wasn't built in a dayIt takes a long time to create something complicated or impressive.Rate it:
romp homeo win easily, especially in a race.Rate it:
romper suitbaby's outfitRate it:
room-temperature IQA below-average IQ; by extension, a dull or unintelligent mind.Rate it:
root aroundAlternative form of root about.Rate it:
root causeAn initiating cause of a chain of events which leads to an outcome or effect of interest.Rate it:
root forTo encourage a favored person, team, or result.Rate it:
root upTo dig or pull up by the roots; to deracinate.Rate it:
ropableAlternative spelling of ropeable. Able to be roped.Rate it:
ropableUpset; irate.Rate it:
roped into itIndividuals occasionally become involved with agendas which present untenable conditions, agendas or personality conflicts.Rate it:
rose gardenA garden devoted primarily to roses.Rate it:
rose gardenA highly desirable situation.Rate it:
rose-colored glassesAn optimistic perception of something; a positive opinion; seeing something in a positive way, often thinking of it as better than it actually is.Rate it:
rose-colored glassesGlasses that are tinted in a pink or rose shade.Rate it:

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