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pub-crawlAlternative form of pub crawl.Rate it:
pub-crawlto visit, and drink in, numerous pubs or bars in succession.Rate it:
public commentInput given by the public to governmental (or rarely other) bodies, about proposed legislation or regulation(s), during a period-and by means-set aside and prescribed by law.Rate it:
public commentUsed other than as an idiom: see public, comment.Rate it:
public eyeThe focus of public attention, the limelight.Rate it:
public intellectualA well-known, intelligent, learned person whose written works and other social and cultural contributions are recognized not only by academic audiences and readers, but also by many members of society in general.Rate it:
publicity houndA person who constantly seeks public attention, especially through coverage in the broadcast media or news media.Rate it:
puddle jumperA small passenger airplane, typically used for shorter connecting trips to smaller airports.Rate it:
puff outTo inflate.Rate it:
puff outTo blow briefly and lightly.Rate it:
puff upTo inflate with air.Rate it:
puff upTo swell due to injury or illness.Rate it:
puff upTo become proud.Rate it:
puke upTo vomit.Rate it:
pulcherBeautiful, fair.Rate it:
pulcherBeauty.Rate it:
pulcherNoble, honorable, excellent.Rate it:
pull aHe pulled an Elvis and got really fat.Rate it:
pull aTo emulate a behaviour generally attributed to the individual named.Rate it:
pull a faceTo make an abnormal facial expression.Rate it:
pull a fast oneTo deceive or trick.Rate it:
pull a fast onePlay a trick upon another. Tell a joke about another, surprise another with swiftness, delude another, lead another astray.Rate it:
pull a rabbit out of a hatTo do something surprising or beneficial.Rate it:
pull a rabbit out-of a hatSurprise everyone, 'obtain an almost impossible resultRate it:
pull a trainTo have sex with several men one after the other.Rate it:
pull a trainUsed other than as an idiom: see pull, train.Rate it:
pull aheadto start being in a winning position (e.g. in a race or competition).Rate it:
pull an all-nighterWork diligently throughout the night.Rate it:
pull apartTo open something by pulling on various parts of it.Rate it:
pull awayTo move ahead.Rate it:
pull backUsed other than as an idiom. To pull in a backwards directionRate it:
pull backTo retreatRate it:
pull backTo retractRate it:
pull backto pull in order to reveal something underneath or behind.Rate it:
pull backTo pass (the ball) into a position further from the attacking goal line.Rate it:
pull backTo score when the team is losing.Rate it:
pull facesTo make abnormal facial expressions, especially for amusement.Rate it:
pull inTo pull something, so that comes inside.Rate it:
pull inTo arrest.Rate it:
pull inTo earn [money].Rate it:
pull inTo approach a station.Rate it:
pull inTo tighten a sail by pulling on a rope.Rate it:
pull in one's hornsTo become less impassioned, aggressive, or argumentative; to exercise restraint; to yield or capitulate.Rate it:
pull my fingerA phrase used when playing a prank regarding flatulence, in which a mark is asked to pull the finger of the person playing the prank, who simultaneously flatulates so as to suggest a causal relationship between the pulling of the finger and the resulting expulsion of gas.Rate it:
pull offTo remove by pulling.Rate it:
pull offTo achieve; to succeed at something difficult.Rate it:
pull one's finger outTo stop wasting time in preliminaries, and concentrate on the important task.Rate it:
pull one's head inTo withdraw as a turtle might; to discontinue support of a particular argument.Rate it:
pull one's own weightTo do the work that one is obligated to.Rate it:
pull one's punchesAlternative form of pull punches.Rate it:

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