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play fast and looseTo ignore proper behavior or social conventions, especially when it suits ones purpose.Rate it:
play first fiddleTo play a leading role.Rate it:
play for loveTo play a game of cards without stakes.Rate it:
play for timeTo delay a situation until one is prepared.Rate it:
play gamesTo deceive, to lie about one's intentions.Rate it:
play gooseberryto serve as a chaperonRate it:
play hardballTo act rough and ruthless, especially in politics or business.Rate it:
play hardballTo use every means possible to achieve a goal, especially in disregarding the harm caused.Rate it:
play hob withmess with, cause trouble forRate it:
play hookeyTo be absent without permission, especially from school.Rate it:
play hookyTo miss school, work, or other duties without permission or an excuse.Rate it:
play it by earTo do something by guessing, intuition, or trial and error; to react to events as they occur.Rate it:
play it by earTo play a song according to how it sounds, rather than from a written score.Rate it:
play it coolto act coolRate it:
play it safeTo take a cautious, risk-free approach.Rate it:
play old harryBlenkiron and I have been moving in the best circles as skilled American engineers who are going to play Old Harry with the British on the Tigris. — John Buchan, "Greenmantle", 1916..Rate it:
play old harryTo play the devil; to make mischief.Rate it:
play on wordsA pun, or similar humorous use of language such as a double entendre.Rate it:
play one against anotherTo manipulate two persons into competing against one another in a way that benefits the person carrying out the manipulation.Rate it:
play one's cards rightTo act sensibly; to make the right moves.Rate it:
play possumTo dissemble or to feign ignorance; to disguise or conceal something in order to deceive.Rate it:
play possumTo feign death; to remain quiet and still to escape attention or remain undetected; to lay low.Rate it:
play possumTo feign sleep, illness, etc.Rate it:
play second fiddleTo play a subsidiary or subordinate role to someone or something else.Rate it:
play silly buggersTo act in a stupid or reckless manner.Rate it:
play someone like a fiddleSkilfully.Rate it:
play the anglesTo seek ways to advance one's self-interest, especially by making choices in a calculating or crafty manner; to scheme.Rate it:
play the anglesIn a game which involves control of a moving object, such as a ball or puck, to allow for angular movements of the object caused by bounces, rebounds, ricochets, etc. or to carefully guard the corners of the goal, net, or other scoring target.Rate it:
play the anglesIn a game which involves control of a moving object, such as a ball or puck, to seek scoring opportunities by advancing on or shooting at the scoring target in an angular manner across the field of play.Rate it:
play the fieldTo date more than one person at the same time.Rate it:
play the fieldDate a number of eligible females.Rate it:
play the foolTo behave in a foolish or comical manner.Rate it:
play the gender cardTo assert that sexism is involved in a situation, especially in order to exploit sexist or antisexist attitudes.Rate it:
play the hand one is dealtTo use the resources which one actually has available; to operate realistically, within the limits of one's circumstances.Rate it:
play the poniesTo bet on horse racing.Rate it:
play the race cardDonald A. Carson, Love in Hard Places p.94.Rate it:
play the race cardMark Fuhrman, Murder in Brentwood p.153.Rate it:
play the race cardTo assert that race or racism is responsible for a course of events, especially when race is not of particular significance to the issue in question; to attempt to inspire a particular reaction by raising the issue of race.Rate it:
play the same tapeTo repeat exactly what one previously said or did.Rate it:
play to the crowdTo appeal to the least sophisticated parts of an audience in order to obtain maximum approval.Rate it:
play to the galleryTo appeal to the least sophisticated parts of an audience in order to obtain maximum approval.Rate it:
play to winTo play in an especially competitive, committed manner, focused intently on winning.Rate it:
play to winTo make a special, determined effort to achieve general success or a particular goal, in life, in one's career, in negotiation, etc.Rate it:
play upTo misbehave.Rate it:
play upTo make or attempt to make something appear more important, likely or obvious; to showcase or highlight.Rate it:
play well with othersTo habitually demonstrate social skills by engaging agreeably in social or work activities.Rate it:
play withUsed other than as an idiom: play with.Rate it:
play withTo fiddle with; make small adjustments to, for example to something mechanical in order to improve its performance.Rate it:
play withTo trick.Rate it:
play withTo sexually stimulate the genitals.Rate it:

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