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on the edge of one's seatIn suspense; waiting eagerly or anxiously for some resolution.Rate it:
on the face ofNotwithstanding.Rate it:
on the face of itApparently; as far as can be seen or determined.Rate it:
on the fenceUndecided; wavering in one's opinion.Rate it:
on the flySpontaneously or extemporaneously; done as one goes, or during another activity.Rate it:
on the fritzbroken; something is brokenRate it:
on the front footIn a dominant position.Rate it:
on the gameWorking as a prostitute.Rate it:
on the goActively traveling; busy; moving often.Rate it:
on the goTo have started.Rate it:
on the heels ofIn close pursuit of; close behind.Rate it:
on the heels ofClosely following; in succession immediately after.Rate it:
on the hookIn debt; obligated to pay or provide; liable; responsible or blamed.Rate it:
on the hopPlaying truant from school.Rate it:
on the hornOn the telephone.Rate it:
on the houseA complimentary item beverage, dessert.Rate it:
on the houseFree, complimentary.Rate it:
on the hush-hushsecretly; in secretRate it:
on the internet nobody knows you're a dogIt is easy to conceal one's identity on the internet.Rate it:
on the ladderFiguratively a property ladder, owning property.Rate it:
on the lamRunning away, usually from the police; on the run.Rate it:
on the levelA discreet reference to freemasonry.Rate it:
on the levelHonest, sincere, straightforward.Rate it:
on the levelgenuineRate it:
on the lineIn a contest or enterprise.Rate it:
on the lineOn a level with the eye of the spectator; said of a picture, as hung in an exhibition of pictures.Rate it:
on the looseNot incarcerated or in captivity; not under control.Rate it:
on the makeActively seeking a romantic encounter or relationship.Rate it:
on the makeActively seeking an opportunity for self-advancement; eager to ingratiate oneself to others in order to secure some advantage.Rate it:
on the mendHealing or recovering, as from an injury or illness.Rate it:
on the mendImproving or undergoing restoration to a previous, more favorable condition.Rate it:
on the moneyIn the correct position; on target; precisely accurate; accurately.Rate it:
on the nail(of payment) without delayRate it:
on the noseExactly; precisely.Rate it:
on the noseSmelly, malodorous.Rate it:
on the one handfrom one point of viewRate it:
on the other handAnother viewpoint, another ReasonRate it:
on the other handFrom another point of view.Rate it:
on the outsOn unfriendly terms; estranged.Rate it:
on the pillUsing oral contraceptives.Rate it:
on the plus sidePositively; from a favorable view or perspective.Rate it:
on the pointVery nearly; imminent; close.Rate it:
on the point ofVery nearly; imminent; close.Rate it:
on the prowlHunting or seeking.Rate it:
on the pullSeeking the intimate company of a member of the opposite sex.Rate it:
on the Q.T.Quietly; in a secretive manner; clandestinely.Rate it:
on the radarLikely to happen, or be important in the near future or tending to attract attention.Rate it:
on the ragMenstruating.Rate it:
on the rampagebehaving violently or to riotRate it:
on the receiving endbeing the victim of an unpleasant actionRate it:

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