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no-showAn absence; somebody who doesn't show up or a failure to show up.Rate it:
noarchShort for "no architecture". It is a term used mainly in package management systems to mark packages which are architecture independent. Such packages usually contain graphics, documentation or similar data that can be used on any architecture.Rate it:
nobody's perfectUsed when someone's mistakes or flaws are acknowledged, to remind that everyone else makes mistakes and has flaws1995, New York Magazine Vol. 28, No. 5, 30 January 1995, The de-moralization of society (Book Review)Hypocrisy, particularly in sexual matters, is excused on the grounds that hey, nobody's perfect, and at least folks back then felt bad enough to lie.2000, Madonna, Nobody's PerfectI feel so sad. What I did wasn't right. I feel so bad and I must say to you: Sorry, but nobody's perfect. Nobody's perfect. What did you expect? I'm doing my bestRate it:
nod offTo fall asleep, especially while in a seated position or in inappropriate circumstances.Rate it:
nod's as good as a wink to a blind batThe idea/proposed action is inconsequential to the current situation.Rate it:
nodding acquaintanceA casual or partial familiarity; a relationship which is not close or fully developed; an inexact understanding (of something).Rate it:
nodding acquaintanceSomeone who is a remote or passing acquaintance.Rate it:
non - aphabetical orderTo place words in Z-A AlphabeticalRate it:
non-denial denialA statement which appears to deny that something is true, but which, when examined carefully, can be seen to have used diversion, bluster, or ambiguity to avoid making a clear, direct denial.Rate it:
non-starterAn idea or argument that cannot be sensibly debated.Rate it:
non-starterSomeone or something who was listed to start in a race, but did not start in the race.Rate it:
non-starterSomething that is not going to happen.Rate it:
none of someone's businessA matter that someone is not entitled to be involved in or informed about.Rate it:
none tooNot veryRate it:
nook and crannyA place or part of a place, especially small or remote.Rate it:
nook or crannyA part of a place, especially small or remote.Rate it:
north koreaAsian countryRate it:
nose candyCocaine.Rate it:
nose in the airThe body language most of us have experienced when a friend passes you in public and with head tilted back and nose in the air gives you a first class snub!Rate it:
nose out of jointAn emotional state where someone is in a bad mood because he/she has been offended by or taken exception (objected) to some action.Rate it:
nose testAn informal method for determining whether something is authentic, credible, or ethical, by using one's common sense or sense of propriety.Rate it:
nose testAn inspection of an object using the sense of smell, as for freshness of food.Rate it:
nose testAn inspection of the nasal passages or a trial of their function, as for breathing difficulties.Rate it:
nose to the grindstoneHard at work.Rate it:
nose-pickTo pick boogers from the nose.Rate it:
nose-pickerOne who picks their nose.Rate it:
nose-pickingTo insert a finger into one's nostril, especially to remove mucus.Rate it:
nosebleed seatA seat high in the back of bleachers, stands, or the balcony at a theater.Rate it:
nosh uplarge mealRate it:
not a chanceAbsolutely not; no way.Rate it:
not a hair out of placeThe appearance, condition, presence of a subject which is ideal, almost perfectRate it:
not a minute too soonat the last possible moment; just in timeRate it:
not a pretty sightSomething disappointing, disquieting, disreputable, or otherwise unworthy of admiration.Rate it:
not a pretty sightSomething visually unappealing, ranging from mildly unattractive to utterly disgusting in appearance.Rate it:
not a sausageAbsolutely nothing, none of something.Rate it:
not a sausageJill: Not a sausage I'm afraid, I'm just visiting.Rate it:
not a sausageJohn: Do you know how I get to the town center from here?.Rate it:
not a zackNo amount of money; no money at all.Rate it:
not all it's cracked up to beNot as good as claimed; falling short of expectations.Rate it:
not as black as one is paintednot as bad as one is said to beRate it:
not at allNot.Rate it:
not at allUsed similarly to you're welcome, as a conventional reply to an expression of gratitude.Rate it:
not badReasonably good.Rate it:
not be able to get a word in edgewaysTo be unable to say a single word because of someone else's talkativeness.Rate it:
not be caught deadTo refuse completely to do something.Rate it:
not by any meansNot at all, not in the slightestRate it:
not cricketUnsportsmanlike.Rate it:
not enough room to swing a catVery little space (available) (of a very small room).Rate it:
not evenNot going to happen; noRate it:
not for love nor moneyA circumstance in which 'ONE' would NOT comply, join, perform, reciprocate, marry, participate, sign-up, subscribe, engage, launch, give one ounce of approval:Rate it:

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