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knock someone's socks offTo impress greatly; amaze; stun.Rate it:
knock the living daylights out ofTo knock out; to hit and cause to be unconscious.Rate it:
knock the wind out of your sailsTo make you feel less confident or determined.Rate it:
knock togetherTo assemble something quickly; to knock up.Rate it:
knock upTo impregnate, especially out of wedlock. See knocked up.Rate it:
knock upTo put together, fabricate, or assemble, particularly if done hastily or temporarily. See also knock together.Rate it:
knock upIn the morning as by knocking at the door; rouse; call; summon; also, to go door-to-door on election day to persuade a candidate's supporters to go to the polling station and vote. See also knocker up.Rate it:
knock upTo exhaust; wear out; weary; beat; tire out; to fatigue until unable to do more.Rate it:
knock upTo become exhausted or worn out; to fail of strength; to become wearied, as with labor; to give out.Rate it:
knock upTo gently hit the ball back and forth before a tennis match, as practice or warm-up, and to gauge the state of the playing surface, lighting, etc. See knock-up.Rate it:
knock-on effectA secondary, often unintended effect.Rate it:
knock-on effectThe continued running of an engine after the ignition has been turned off; dieseling.Rate it:
knocked for a sixto be defeated; outwitted; outfoxed; beatenRate it:
knocked into a cocked hatAn expression of such nature and composition so as to capture rapt attention, create an air of suspense, curiosity or mystery.Rate it:
knocked upknocked upRate it:
knocking on heaven's doorDying, close to death.Rate it:
know beans aboutTo know something, even if only a little, about.Rate it:
know beans aboutTo know nothing, or almost nothing, about.Rate it:
know every trick in the bookto know all there is to be known about a certain discipline.Rate it:
know from a bar of soapTo know; to be acquainted with (a person).Rate it:
know inside and outTo know {something or someone) very thoroughly.Rate it:
know it alla person who behaves as if they know everything.Rate it:
know like a bookTo have an extensive and penetrating understanding of (something or someone).Rate it:
know like the back of one's handTo be intimately knowledgeable about something, especially a place.Rate it:
know one's ass from a hole in the groundTo have an adequate level of knowledge or skill; to understand what one is doing or talking about.Rate it:
know one's own mindTo clearly understand one's own feelings, intentions, preferences, etc; to know precisely what one wants; to be decisive or determined.Rate it:
know one's way aroundTo be experienced and knowledgeable.Rate it:
know one's way aroundTo be very familiar with; to have a significant understanding of.Rate it:
know someoneTo have personal or social connections.Rate it:
know someone from AdamTo know or recognise someone at all.Rate it:
know someone in the biblical senseTo have sex with someone.Rate it:
know something inside and outTo know something very thoroughly.Rate it:
know the scoreBe aware of a situation, especially of the consequences of misconduct.Rate it:
know thyselfbe aware of your own strengths and limitations.Rate it:
know what is whatTo be experienced or well-informedRate it:
know where one standsTo be aware of one's position.Rate it:
know which end is upTo possess sound judgment or common sense; to have a clear understanding of a situation.Rate it:
know which side one's bread is buttered onTo be aware of where one's interests lie in a situation.Rate it:
knowledge is powerWith knowledge and/or education, one's potential or ability to succeed in the pursuit of his objectives will certainly increase.Rate it:
knuckle downTo get to work; to focus on a task.Rate it:
knuckle draggerA large, strong, and rather dimwitted person.Rate it:
knuckle sandwichA punch to the face, especially to the mouth.Rate it:
knuckle underTo yield or cooperate when pressured or forced to do so.Rate it:
Kwitcherbelliakin!Anyone Whom Duzent No This Is Pulling My Leg!Rate it:

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