Found 411 phrases starting with I:

in additionalsoRate it:
in additionAlso; as well; besides.Rate it:
in aid to this factIn addition to; and futhermore.Rate it:
in all honestyhonestly; in truthRate it:
in all my born daysEver.Rate it:
in all one's gloryCompletely naked.Rate it:
in and outsexual intercourse, especially a brief one.Rate it:
in any way, shape, or formIn any way at all; whatsoever.Rate it:
in at the deep endRate it:
in bad odorRegarded with disapproval; in a situation of being disliked; shunned.Rate it:
in bedLying on a bed, especially under some bedsheets.Rate it:
in bed withEngaging in a close mutually beneficial relationship, especially secretly and illicitly.Rate it:
in bed withSharing one's bed with.Rate it:
in black and whiteExplicitly, in writing, clearly and without doubt or misunderstanding, without any grey areas.Rate it:
in black and whiteHaving it displayed using shades of gray/gray rather than colour/color .Rate it:
in black and whiteUsing shades of grey/gray rather than colour/color.Rate it:
in broad daylightIn a blatant and publicly visible manner.Rate it:
in broad daylightIn ample natural illumination, during the daytime.Rate it:
in businessEngaged in business activity.Rate it:
in businessReady to proceed in a desired activity.Rate it:
in caseIn the event; should there be a need.Rate it:
in characterActing as the character, not as oneself.Rate it:
in chorusin unison, all together (at the same time)Rate it:
in cloverHappy and contented.Rate it:
in cloverIn a condition of prosperity.Rate it:
in cold bloodIn a ruthless and unfeeling manner; premeditated and deliberate.Rate it:
in contentionContending for a title or championship.Rate it:
in contentionUsed other than as an idiom: see in, contention.Rate it:
in controlWhen one is controlling a machine, or a situation, or an activity. Similar to in charge, but one person can be officially in charge, while another person is, in fact, in control.Rate it:
in detailThoroughly; including every detail.Rate it:
in Dickie's meadowin trouble, in a predicament, in a difficult situationRate it:
in dutchIn trouble or in disfavor.Rate it:
in dutchWritten or spoken in the dutch language.Rate it:
in effigySymbolizing, usually as an effigy.Rate it:
in evidenceVisibly present; noticeable.Rate it:
in exchangeas an exchange or replacementRate it:
in exchangeto reciprocateRate it:
in factActually, in truth.Rate it:
in factResulting from the actions of parties.Rate it:
in feeOf an estate in land, inherited or owned by one who has the absolute right to dispose of the land as they desire, including the right to select an inheritor of the land.Rate it:
in focusClearly perceived.Rate it:
in focusSharp and clear with no fuzziness.Rate it:
in for a dime, in for a dollarAmericanised form of in for a penny, in for a pound.1983, Allen Drury, Decision, p. 356:In for a dime, in for a dollar, he thought crazily, and said what he had to say in a voice he forced to stay level and calm.1998, Ellen Miller, Like Being Killed, p. 47:In for a dime, in for a dollar. I whispered to Gerry, Rate it:
in for a penny, in for a poundExpressing recognition that one must, having started something, see it through to its end, rather than stopping short thereof; accepting that one must Rate it:
in for an inch, in for a mileGiven that one is partly involved in or committed to a project, action, position, etc., there is no reason to refrain from becoming fully involved or fully committed.Rate it:
in for itin troubleRate it:
in for the killIntending to kill or destroy someone or something.Rate it:
in for the killIn a manner intending to kill or destroy someone or something.Rate it:
in from the coldmoved from an ineffective positionRate it:
in front of one's nosePlain; clearly apparent; obvious.Rate it:

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