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get a word in edgewaysAlternative form of get a word in edgewise.Rate it:
get a word in edgewiseTo break into or participate in a conversation.Rate it:
get a wriggle onTo hurry up.Rate it:
get aheadattain successRate it:
get ahead of oneselfTo focus excessively on one's plans or on prospective future events without paying adequate attention to the present.Rate it:
get ahead of oneselfTo develop an opinion based on insufficient information or to take action prematurely.Rate it:
get ahead of oneselfTo speak or write in a manner in which one makes points out of logical or chronological sequence.Rate it:
get alongTo be together or coexist well, without arguments or trouble.Rate it:
get alongTo survive; to do well enough.Rate it:
get aroundUsed other than as an idiom: see get, around.Rate it:
get aroundTo move to the other side of an obstruction.Rate it:
get aroundTo come around something.Rate it:
get aroundTo avoid or bypass an obstacle.Rate it:
get aroundTo circumvent the obligation and performance of a chore.Rate it:
get aroundTo transport oneself from place to place.Rate it:
get aroundTo be sexually promiscuous.Rate it:
get atgain access toRate it:
get atintendRate it:
get atreachRate it:
get atmean, intendRate it:
get awayescapeRate it:
get awaymake an escapeRate it:
get away withTo do something which is prohibited, forbidden or generally not allowed, and not be punished for the action.Rate it:
get away with murderTo do something bad or illegal and not be punished.Rate it:
get back atTo retaliate; to take revenge.Rate it:
get back on the horse that bucked oneto return to something that previously caused harm.Rate it:
get bentUsed to dismiss a person or what they are saying, and end the conversation.Rate it:
get bent out of shapeTo take offense; to become angry, agitated or upset.Rate it:
get betterTo improve.Rate it:
get betterTo recover from an illness.Rate it:
get blood from a stoneTo do something difficult, frustrating, or pointless.Rate it:
get blood out of a stoneTo do something difficult, frustrating, or pointless.Rate it:
get busyHave sex.Rate it:
get busyStart working, usually in opposition to idleness.Rate it:
get byTo subsist; to succeed, survive, or manage, at least at a minimum level.Rate it:
get byto passRate it:
get by the ballsTo have complete control over someone, especially of a woman abusing a man's infatuation with her.Rate it:
get carried awayTo become excessively involved, to take something too far.Rate it:
get changedTo change one's clothing (usually for a specific purpose).Rate it:
get cold feetTo become nervous or anxious and reconsider a decision about an upcoming event.Rate it:
get crackingTo get started; to get busy.Rate it:
get down to bizfocus, concentrate, think hard.Rate it:
get down to brass tacksDeal with the important details.Rate it:
get down to businessTo become involved with something work-related.Rate it:
get evenTo get revenge.Rate it:
get freshTo flirt.Rate it:
get highTo intoxicate oneself with drugs or other substances.Rate it:
get inTo be elected to some office.Rate it:
get inTo enter a place; to gain access.Rate it:
get inTo get into or inside something, literally or figuratively.Rate it:

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