Found 99 phrases starting with CL:

claim to fameThat for which one has bragging rights; one's reason for being well-known or famous.Rate it:
clam upTo become silent; to stop talking, to shut up.Rate it:
clamp down onTo take measures to stop something; to put an end to.Rate it:
clash of the ashhurlingRate it:
class clownA student who frequently makes jokes or pokes fun; a wiseacre.Rate it:
class warfareThe efforts of levelers promoting a greater financial contribution from the rich for the general benefit of the massesRate it:
claw me, claw theeStand by me and I will stand by you.Rate it:
clayA mineral substance made up of small crystals of silica and alumina, that is ductile when moist; the material of pre-fired ceramics.Rate it:
clayA tennis court surface.Rate it:
clayAn earth material with ductile qualities.Rate it:
clayThe material of the human body.Rate it:
clean as a hound's toothVery clean (very innocent)Rate it:
clean as a new pennyExtremely clean.Rate it:
clean as a whistleVery cleanRate it:
clean as a whistleCompletely innocent; beyond moral reproach.Rate it:
clean codeSoftware code that is formatted correctly and in an organized manner so that another coder can easily read or modify it.Rate it:
clean cutclearly outlinedRate it:
clean houseTo clean the interior of a house.Rate it:
clean houseTo reform by removing undesirable personnel and procedures.Rate it:
clean outTo clean, especially to tidy by removing the contents.Rate it:
clean outTo empty completely; to remove all money or possessions from.Rate it:
clean someone's clockTo defeat decisively, in a physical fight or other competition or negotiation.Rate it:
clean upTo become clean, handsome, smart in appearance, e.g. for a special occasion, especially when it is out of character to be seen as such.Rate it:
clean upTo make a large profit; to win by a large margin, or to win a large amount, especially in gambling. Also clean house.Rate it:
clean upTo make an area or a thing clean; to pick up a mess; to tidy.Rate it:
clean up one's actTo reform; to improve one's habits.Rate it:
clear as a belltotally clear: distinct and unmistakeable, as a bell's tone is clearly heardRate it:
clear as mudUnclear, difficult or impossible to understand or interpret.Rate it:
clear cutdefiniteRate it:
clear cutHaving had all vegetation removed.Rate it:
clear cutStraightforward, obvious, simple, or basic.Rate it:
clear one's linesTo clear the ball away from a dangerous position.Rate it:
clear outto completely emptyRate it:
clear outto remove or eject (from), especially forciblyRate it:
clear outto leave quicklyRate it:
clear outto become emptyRate it:
clear the deckMove out of the area of congestion, evacuate an area for safety's sake. Make way for emergency crews, Listen to the Boss.Rate it:
clear the decksTo prepare for action.Rate it:
clear the decksTo remove, or fasten, all loose material, or partitions prior to a naval engagement.Rate it:
clear upTo clarify, to correct a misconception.Rate it:
clear upOf stormy weather, to dissipate, to become calm.Rate it:
clear your conscienceAn apology, a return of a book, pay-up on a forgotten loan, an overt action, a harsh, undeserved criticism of a subaltern.Rate it:
climb downAn abandonment, withdrawal from, or softening of a previously expressed opinion, policy, argument, etc.Rate it:
climb downUsed other than as an idiom. To descend by climbing.Rate it:
climb downTo abandon, withdraw from, or soften a previously expressed opinion, argument, etc.Rate it:
climb the wallsTo behave in a distressed or frantic manner; to feel very agitated.Rate it:
climb upTo make a gradual ascent or increase.Rate it:
climb upTo gradually ascend something.Rate it:
climbing the wallsPresent participle of climb the walls.Rate it:
clip clopsound of a horse walkingRate it:

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