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cherry pickTo select only the best from a range of options.Rate it:
cherry pickingSelecting only the best from a group or other range of choices.Rate it:
cherry-pickTo pick out the best, or most desirable items from a list or group, especially to obtain some advantage or to present something in the best possible light.Rate it:
chesterfield rugbySexual activity.Rate it:
chestnutA tree or shrub of the genus Castanea.Rate it:
chestnutThe nut of this tree or shrub.Rate it:
chestnutA dark, reddish-brown colour/color.Rate it:
chestnutA reddish-brown horse.Rate it:
chestnutThe wood of a chestnut tree.Rate it:
chestnut(Often "old chestnut") A worn-out meme; a phrase, etc. so often repeated as to have grown tiresome.Rate it:
chestnutA round or oval horny plate found on the inner side of the leg of a horse or other animal, similar to a birthmark on a human.Rate it:
chestnuthorse-chestnutRate it:
chestnutOf a deep reddish-brown colour, like that of a chestnut.Rate it:
chew offUsed other than as an idiom: see chew, off.Rate it:
chew offTo reprimand, to scoldRate it:
chew onto consider, to ponderRate it:
chew outTo lecture, scold, reprimand, or rebuke.Rate it:
chew somebody outTo berate; to shout at someone.Rate it:
chew the cudTo meditate or ponder before answering; to be deep in thought; to ruminate.Rate it:
chew the fatTo chat idly or generally waste time talking.Rate it:
chew the sceneryTo display excessive emotion or to act in an exaggerated manner while performing; to be melodramatic; to be flamboyant.Rate it:
chew upto chew so as to make something pulpyRate it:
chew upto ruin (especially land), by diggingRate it:
chew upto defeat utterlyRate it:
chicken feedA very small or insignificant quantity, especially of money.Rate it:
chicken feedFood given to poultry.Rate it:
chicken filletUsed other than as an idiom: A piece of chicken breast meat.Rate it:
chicken filletA piece of rubber or silicone placed in a woman's bra under the breast to increase apparent size and/or create more cleavage.Rate it:
chicken liverA coward.Rate it:
chicken liverUsed other than as an idiom: see chicken, liver.Rate it:
chicken outTo shy away from a daring task; to decline, refuse, or avoid something due to fear or uncertainty.Rate it:
chicken outBack-out of an activity because of fear or other mindless reason. Refuse to keep your word.Rate it:
chicken outlack nerves to actRate it:
chickens come home to roostA person's past wrongdoings will always return to negatively affect them.Rate it:
chickens coming home to roostConsequences visited upon someone who originally had appeared to escape them.Rate it:
chicks before dicksA woman should prioritize her female friends over her boyfriend or husband.Rate it:
child's playSomething particularly simple or easy.Rate it:
childhood friendUsed other than as an idiom: see childhood, friend. (This entry is here for translation purposes only.)Rate it:
children should be seen and not heardChildren should behave well and be quiet, especially in the presence of adults.Rate it:
chill girlA woman who denies or dismisses sexism and/or misogyny.Rate it:
chill girlUsed other than as an idiom: see chill, girl.Rate it:
chill outRelax, take it easy.Rate it:
chilly climateA male-dominated environment where both overt and subtle forms of discrimination lead to the unequal treatment of womenRate it:
chime inTo talk; to join in conversation or discussion.Rate it:
chin upBe happy; cheer up.Rate it:
China syndromeA hypothetical kind of catastrophic failure in which a nuclear reactor melts through the floor of its containment system and penetrates the earth's surface, continuing downward as if (from a Western Hemispheric point of view) traveling through the planet toward China.Rate it:
China syndromeOne instance of such a nuclear mishap.Rate it:
China syndromeA behavior, policy, or situation characteristic of or involving China; an actual or potential catastrophe, especially one involving China.Rate it:
China syndromeA rare disease, first characterized in the early 1990s, which resembles poliomyelitis but which has somewhat different characteristics and occurs in persons vaccinated for poliomyelitis.Rate it:
Chinaman on one's backA drug addiction.Rate it:

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