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catch fireBecome engulfed with flames.Rate it:
catch fliesAn ostensible product of awkwardly having one's mouth open wide.Rate it:
catch hellBe severely reprimanded, punished, or beaten.Rate it:
catch itBe severely reprimanded, punished, or beaten.Rate it:
catch nappingTo surprise; to take advantage of the lack of watchfulness of.Rate it:
catch onTo begin to understand; to realize or detect.Rate it:
catch onTo become popular; to become commonplace; to become the standard.Rate it:
catch one's driftTo understand the essence of what someone attempts to communicate, especially if it is vague, hinting, or poorly phrased.Rate it:
catch outTo discover or expose as fake or insincere.Rate it:
catch outTo put a batsman out by catching the batted ball before it touches the ground.Rate it:
catch sight ofto see for a brief period; to get a glimpse ofRate it:
catch some z'sTo sleep.Rate it:
catch someone nappingTo take advantage of someone's inattention.Rate it:
catch someone's eyeTo capture someone's attention.Rate it:
catch the eyeTo attract the attentionRate it:
catch the sunTo become sunburned.Rate it:
catch the sunTo reflect light from the sun.Rate it:
catch upTo pick up suddenly.Rate it:
catch upTo entangle.Rate it:
catch upTo provide with news.Rate it:
catch upTo be reaching something that had been ahead.Rate it:
catch upTo compensate for or make up a deficiency.Rate it:
catch upTo get news.Rate it:
catch upget level withRate it:
Catch-22A difficult situation from which there is no escape because it involves mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.Rate it:
catch-as-catch-canA. 1681, John Fryer, Richard Chiswell, Robert Roberts, Robert White, A New Account of East-India and Persia, in Eight Letters, Being Nine Years Travels, Begun 1672 and Finished 1681.Rate it:
catch-as-catch-canIntermittent; only when possible or when the opportunity presents itself.Rate it:
Catholic twinsUsed other than as an idiom: see Catholic, twin.Rate it:
Catholic twinssiblings born within twelve months of each other.Rate it:
catmeatCatfood consisting of meat.Rate it:
catmeatMeat from a cat.Rate it:
catmeatSomeone who has been badly beaten.Rate it:
cats cradlegame using stringRate it:
cattle callAn audition which is open to the public and thus draws a large number of applicants, many of whom are inexperienced.Rate it:
caucus raceA political competition; the game of campaigning and one-upmanship to get votes and be elected.Rate it:
caucus raceThe competitive process in which a political party selects their candidate, esp. presidential; a primary election via caucus.Rate it:
caught between the devil and the deep blue seaHaving a choice between two alternatives, both undesirable.Rate it:
caught in the actTo be found doing something that you weren't supposed to be doing, while you're doing it.Rate it:
caught on the hopTo be in an unprepared situationRate it:
caught on the hopTo be in a situation of change, especially from a known to an unknown stateRate it:
caught red -handedwas caught by someone for steallingRate it:
caught with one's hand in the cookie jarObserved or apprehended while committing a theft, especially while embezzling money.Rate it:
caught with one's pants downCaught off guard, unprepared, or in an embarrassing situation.Rate it:
caughten on itcatches in throatRate it:
cause a stirTo cause controversy, or raise a disturbance.Rate it:
cave inThe act of something collapsing or caving in.Rate it:
cave inThe location where something has caved in.Rate it:
cave inThe act of relenting.Rate it:
cave incollapseRate it:
caveat lectorReader beware.Rate it:

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