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absence makes the heart grow fonderWhen someone or something is faraway, you realise how much you love (or miss) them or it.Rate it:
absent mindedforgetfulRate it:
abstract ideaUsed other than as an idiom: see abstract, idea.Rate it:
abstract ideaAn idea separated from a complex object, or from other ideas which naturally accompany it; as the solidity of marble when contemplated apart from its color or figure.Rate it:
abstract nonsenseDetails which involve diagram chasing.Rate it:
abstract verbUsed other than as an idiom: see abstract, verb.Rate it:
abstract verbA verb of motion whose motion is multidirectional (as opposed to unidirectional) or indirect, or whose action is repeated or in a series (iterative), instead of being a single, completed action. Abstract verbs are always imperfective in aspect, even with prefixes that are normally associated with the perfective aspect.Rate it:
abuse of distressa wrongful using of an animal or chattel distrained, by the distrainerRate it:
abut onTo border on.Rate it:
academy awardoscarsRate it:
accident of birthReference to the fact that various benefits or detriments to the life of a person arise from the circumstances into which that person was born, these being entirely beyond his control.Rate it:
accident waiting to happenA thing or situation which is almost certain to eventually lead to an accident.Rate it:
according toAccording to him, every person was to be bought. - Thomas Babington Macaulay.Rate it:
according toAccording to the directions, the glue takes 24 hours to dry.Rate it:
according toBased on what is said or stated.Rate it:
according toIn a manner conforming or corresponding to; in proportion.Rate it:
according toOur zeal should be according to knowledge. - Thomas Sprat.Rate it:
according to hoyleIn strict accordance with the rules, especially of card games; in the proper or expected manner.Rate it:
account forTo explain by relating circumstances; to show that some one, thing or members of a group are present or have been processed.Rate it:
ace in the holeA hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage.Rate it:
ace of spadesThe playing card belonging to the spades suit and featuring one pip.Rate it:
ace up one's sleeveA surprise advantage of which others are not aware.Rate it:
ache forTo desire, or want something, or someone, very much.Rate it:
achilles' heela weak point or fault in someone or something otherwise perfect or excellentRate it:
acid dropboiled sweetRate it:
acid testA rigorous test or appraisal of the quality or worth of something.Rate it:
acid testTo test for the truth.Rate it:
ack ackanti aircraft fireRate it:
acknowledge the cornTo cop a plea; to admit to a small error but not a larger one.Rate it:
acquired tasteA taste which is not natural or innate, but which has developed through habit or learning.Rate it:
acquired tasteSomething that is appreciated only after having initially been regarded as unappealing or unpleasant; a person who is regarded as difficult or dislikable but of whom at least some have grown to approve.Rate it:
across the boardA racing bet where one bets that the same competitor will place in first, second and third.Rate it:
across the boardPertaining to all categories or things.Rate it:
across the pondOn the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.Rate it:
act inActing in or as something. committing into some work.Rate it:
act like a bull in a china shopTo act rudely or clumsily in a delicate situation.Rate it:
act of CongressAuthorization that is extremely difficult to get, especially in a timely fashion.Rate it:
act onTo act decisively on the basis of information received or deduced.Rate it:
act one's ageTo be mature and not childish.Rate it:
act outTo go through the process of a scene from a play, a charade or a pointless exercise.Rate it:
act outTo express one's feelings through disruptive actions.Rate it:
act upTo misbehave; to cause trouble.Rate it:
act upgive troubleRate it:
acting funnyActing 'funny' means that a person is behaving differently towards you or a group of people.Rate it:
actions speak louder than wordsIt is more effective to act directly than to speak of action.Rate it:
activist judgeA judge or justice who makes rulings based on personal political views or considerations rather than on the law, or who issues rulings intended to have political effects.Rate it:
activist justiceA justice (usually referring to a member of a Supreme, High or Appellate court) who makes rulings based on personal political views or considerations rather than on the law, or who issues rulings intended to have political effects.Rate it:
ad fontesGo to the sources: An expression emphasizing the importance of conducting fundamental research and of consulting primary sources.Rate it:
ad infinitumwithout any limitRate it:
ad infinitumendlesslyRate it:

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