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went to the windsbecame well knownRate it:

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Franklin prend son thé chaudPhrase utilisée par les élèves francophones qui étudient le néerlandais pour se souvenir que les participes passés réguliers en néerlandais se terminent toujours par un d sauf quand le radical du verbe se termine par f, k, p, s, t ou ch.Rate it:

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little pitchers have big earsSmall children often overhear more of what is said than adults realize or desire.1844, Charlotte M. Yonge, Abbeychurch, ch. 2:Seeing me listening to something she was saying to Mamma, she turned round upon me with that odious proverb, "Little pitchers have long ears."1939, "Bedtime Bedlam," Time, 17 Apr.:A caution to U. S. parents, but a joy to radio merchandising, is the dread truth that little pitchers have big ears.2002, Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, ISBN 9780743455961, p. 185:I suppose he might say pushed or went woowoo, but took a shit is, I fear, very much in the ballpark (little pitchers have big ears, after all).Rate it:

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against the grainUnwillingly, reluctantly. It went much against the grain with him, i.e. it was much against his inclination, or against his pluck.Rate it:

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éramos pocos y parió la abuelaif that wasn't enough; things went from bad to worseRate it:

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gong showAn event that was a disaster, often in a way that is fun or memorable. (e.g. "Last night, we all went drinking, and the whole thing turned into a total gong show.") Or, an initially serious event that went completely out of control (e.g. "That biology class was a gong show")Rate it:

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