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two steps aheadHaving cleverly anticipated what others will do or think.Rate it:
two steps aheadJust barely escaping.Rate it:
two tears in a bucketused to express acceptance of misfortuneRate it:
two thumbs upA hand gesture indicating strong approval.Rate it:
two thumbs upThe strong approval itself.Rate it:
two wrongs don't make a right(ethics) A wrongful action is not a morally appropriate way to correct or cancel a previous wrongful action.1915, William MacLeod Raine, The Highgrader, ch. 15:"But when it comes to taking what belongs to anotherRate it:
two wrongs make a rightA logical fallacy whereby a wrongful action is justified by the commission of anotherRate it:
two's company, three's a crowdOne companion is better than two.Rate it:
two-bitCosting 25 cents.Rate it:
two-bitInsignificant or worthless.Rate it:
two-bitcosting 25 centsRate it:
two-bitinsignificant or worthlessRate it:
two-edged swordA double-edged sword; a benefit that is also a liability.Rate it:
two-edged swordUsed other than as an idiom: see two, edged, sword.Rate it:
two-fisted drinkerEither someone who can handle their liquor well, or an alcoholic clutching a drink in each hand.Rate it:
two-fisted drinkerSomeone who can handle their liquor wellRate it:
two-fisted drinkerA person clutching a drink in each hand.Rate it:
two-second ruleA rule of thumb for safe driving by which a driver must maintain a two-second distance from the vehicle in front.Rate it:
two-way streetA street in which traffic is allowed to proceed in two directions.Rate it:
two-way streetAny interaction in which both parties give and take equally.Rate it:
two-way streetA social interaction in which both parties are expected to give and take equally.Rate it:
txsAbbreviation of thanks.Rate it:
type outTo write out on a computer keyboard.Rate it:
type outTo be rejected as an actor because of categorical factors like height, race and general appearance, rather than acting ability.Rate it:
type upTo type in its final, presentable form.Rate it:
tyre kickerA person who pretends to be interested in purchasing an item (especially a car), but who has no intention of buying it.Rate it:

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