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pipe downTo be quiet; to refrain from being noisy.Rate it:
pipe dreamA plan, desire, or idea that will not likely work; a near impossibility.Rate it:
pipe dreamfanciful hopeRate it:
pipe upTo speak up.Rate it:
piping hotVery hot.Rate it:
piss aboutto joke or playRate it:
piss aboutto misbehave; to act foolishlyRate it:
piss and moanTo complain, especially needlessly and loudly.Rate it:
piss and vinegarExuberance or enthusiasm, especially to an excessive degree; bravado; youthful energy.Rate it:
piss aroundto joke or playRate it:
piss aroundto misbehave; to act foolishlyRate it:
piss awayTo spend wastefully.Rate it:
piss downTo rain heavily.Rate it:
piss in someone's cornflakesTo disappoint or irritate someone.Rate it:
piss like a racehorseTo urinate profusely.Rate it:
piss money up the wallTo waste money, normally through ineptness in business.Rate it:
piss more than one drinksto boast; to bragRate it:
piss offTo leave, to go away.Rate it:
piss offTo annoy, anger.Rate it:
piss on someone's bonfireto disappoint or discourage someone by ruining or criticising their plans or aspirations.Rate it:
piss one's pantsto wet oneself, to urinate in one's clothes when they're being worn.Rate it:
piss one's pantsto laugh uncontrollablyRate it:
piss upAlternative spelling of piss-up.Rate it:
piss upto screw up, make a mess ofRate it:
piss upto blunder, to make a mistakeRate it:
piss up a ropeTo engage in futile or impossible activity.Rate it:
pissassworthless, backward, undeveloped, nondescript, reprehensible, or smallRate it:
pissed as a fartVery drunk.Rate it:
pissed as a newtDrunk to the point of incapacity, inebriated.Rate it:
pissed offAnnoyed, upset, angry.Rate it:
pissin like a race horseTo urinate profusely.Rate it:
pissing contestA boys' prankish competition to determine who can urinate the furthest up a wall.Rate it:
pissing contestAn argument which is instigated, or exacerbated while consuming alcohol.Rate it:
pissing contestAn immature dispute over some trivial matter.Rate it:
pissing matchA pointless competition, dispute or conflict, often over some trivial matter.Rate it:
pissing warAn often vicious conflict in which combatants contend for dominance over certain territory.Rate it:
pissing warAn immature dispute over some trivial matter.Rate it:
pitA hole in the ground.Rate it:
pitAn area at a motor racetrack used for refueling and repairing the vehicles during a race.Rate it:
pitA section of the marching band containing mallet percussion instruments and other large percussion instruments too large to march, such as the tam tam. Also, the area on the sidelines where these instruments are placed.Rate it:
pitA mine.Rate it:
pitA hole or trench in the ground, excavated according to grid coordinates, so that the provenance of any feature observed and any specimen or artifact revealed may be established by precise measurement.Rate it:
pitA trading pit.Rate it:
pitSomething particularly unpleasant.Rate it:
pitThe bottom part of.Rate it:
pitArmpit, oxter.Rate it:
pitA luggage hold.Rate it:
pitA small surface hole or depression, a fossa.Rate it:
pitThe indented mark left by a pustule, as in smallpox.Rate it:
pitThe grave, or underworld.Rate it:

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