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à beira deon the brink ofRate it:
a bem da verdade"to tell the truth", "for the sake of accuracy"Rate it:
a casa caiuSaid after a particularly undesirable, harmful change of events; often, though not always, said of a criminal or illicit activity discovered by the authority.Rate it:
a fila andathat ship has sailedRate it:
a fila andaExpresses the notion that it is normal to move on from one relationship to the next. See also: serial monogamy.Rate it:
a fila andaUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see a,‎ fila,‎ anda.Rate it:
a fim de quein order toRate it:
a mão esquerda não sabe o que faz a direitathe left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doingRate it:
a noite é uma criançathe night is youngRate it:
a todo custoat all costs; whatever it takesRate it:
a/cAbbreviation of antecubital.Rate it:
abram alasgangwayRate it:
abre-te sésamoopen sesame!Rate it:
acho que simI think soRate it:
ai de mimalas, woe is meRate it:
aí estáthere you have itRate it:
aí temUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see aí,‎ tem.Rate it:
aí temthere’s something fishy about thatRate it:
ainda bemthank goodnessRate it:
amo-teI love youRate it:
Appendix:Snowclones/nem X, nem Y, muito pelo contrárioExpresses disagreement with two options.Rate it:
Appendix:Snowclones/pense em X, é YIndicates that Y is X to a high extent.Rate it:
aqui jazhere liesRate it:
aqui se faz, aqui se pagaEvery action brings its consequences.Rate it:
às armasto arms !Rate it:
assim é a vidasuch is lifeRate it:
assim sejaso be itRate it:
até maissee you laterRate it:
até maisUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see até,‎ mais.Rate it:
até mais versee you laterRate it:
até que a morte nos separetill death do us partRate it:
bem feitoserves me/you/him/her/us/them rightRate it:
boa tardegood afternoonRate it:
Boas FestasHappy HolidaysRate it:
Bom Natal e Feliz Ano NovoMerry Christmas and a Happy New YearRate it:
bom proveitoenjoyRate it:
bons sonhossweet dreamsRate it:
buenas tardesgood afternoonRate it:
C.Q.D.Initialism of como queríamos demonstrar. QEDRate it:
cala-te, bocaSaid when one is making a malicious statement or badmouthing someone.Rate it:
cara de um, focinho de outromuch of a muchnessRate it:
chamo-memy name is…Rate it:
coisa e taland so onRate it:
com licençaexcuse meRate it:
com o perdão da palavrapardon my FrenchRate it:
com que caraHow am I supposed to...?Rate it:
com uma mão na frente e a outra atrásextremely poor; having no moneyRate it:
coméquiéEye dialect spelling of como é que é.Rate it:
como assimhow so ?Rate it:
como diria Jack o Estripador, vamos por partesLet's carefully analyze the situation.Rate it:

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