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a cloud of uncertaintySuspicion as to the reliability, dependability, or trustworthiness. Usually a doubt surfacing as a result of ominous circumstances.Rate it:

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cloud upTo become cloudy.Rate it:

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every silver lining has a cloudEvery good situation has the potential to turn bad.2007, Diab A. Shetayh, Actuality : The Reality RequiemA great partnership isn't a self-maintaining entity. Perseverance and persistence make it thrive. For every silver lining has a cloud. Ignorance of this reality is not an option.Rate it:

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under a cloudUnder suspicion; subject to critical inspection.Rate it:

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better let your glasses up. it's fixing to come up a cloud.Roll the car windows up, a thunderstorm is happening soon.Rate it:

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cloud nineA state of happiness, elation or bliss; often used in the phrase on cloud nine.Rate it:

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every cloud has a silver liningIn every bad situation there is an element of good1881, National Academy of Code Administration (U.S.), Folio, page 417:Every cloud has a silver lining; but in the old-fashioned meeting-houses every cloud of hymnal melody generally had a nasal lining before the congregation...1887, Shakers, Religion, page 36:that "a little reserve and thou'lt fail surely," will prove to be true in our experience. Every cloud has a silver lining and so has every sorrow,1918, George Jean Nathan, Performing Arts, page 222:But the most popular attitude toward what we may call "sad" plays is the peculiar one of believing that, since every cloud has a silver lining,Rate it:

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every dark cloud has a silver liningAlternative form of every cloud has a silver lining.Rate it:

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on cloud nineVery happy, blissful.Rate it:

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get some zzzzzz'sComic Strip person was pictured as 'sleeping' with a number of letter 'Z,Z,Z,Z,Z's' in overhead cloud:Rate it:

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red mistAnger sufficient to cloud judgement, to stop clear thinking.Rate it:

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