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the doctor always err's on the side of caution.It means to make sure of, or to make the most ofRate it:

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doubting debbiesomeone who always see's the negativeRate it:

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she would rip a dog off a gut wagonA gut wagon was a horse drawn wagon that was used for collecting butcher's scraps for further processing. The wagons were often followed by determined and persistent dogs intent on eating the contents of the wagon. It took a great deal of effort to keep these dogs away from or off the wagon. A person's appearance ugly or objectionable enough to discourage or scare the dogs from the gut wagon would be ugly indeed.Rate it:

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read to filth (or) read for filthBasically to scold, or to get called out on something; to reprimand, to degrade, to cuss out, to correct, to set them straight, to tell them what's what & who's who.Rate it:

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check outTo pay the bill, and record one's departure, as from a hotel.Rate it:

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check inTo announce or record one's arrival at a hotel, airport etc.Rate it:

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you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pigYou can try to change something or one's outward appearance, but it will not change the inward appearance. Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it will always roll in mud and grunt.Rate it:

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full of himself/herself:The self-centered individual awash with a smattering of 'ego' expresses an 'all-knowing', 'all familiar', par excellence in the extreme:Rate it:

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get a roomA jocular or sarcastic expression commanding a couple to stop displaying affection in public, and to rent a hotel or motel room to continue amorous activities in private.Rate it:

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hall porterhotel employeeRate it:

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ladies' loungeA room in a pub or hotel, separate from the main drinking area, in which drinks are served; originally a place for women to drink in when not welcome or not comfortable in the traditionally male-oriented public bar, and latterly a more genteel area than the public bar. Rate it:

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lay an eggThe act or performance which is substandard in one's capability. An act or performance which is substandard or below the typical level of one's usual production or output: An act, production or presentation of a noxious, negative, repulsive, boorish nature:Rate it:

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so far so goodUp to this point, all is OK.Well, you've packed your bags for the holiday, bought your tickets, reserved the hotel and put the dog in kennels. So far so good, now let's get to Minorca without any troubles.Rate it:

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