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Christmas diseasehaemophilia BRate it:

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foot-in-mouth diseaseA tendency to make remarks that are embarrassingly wrong or inappropriate.Rate it:

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the doctor always err's on the side of caution.It means to make sure of, or to make the most ofRate it:

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doubting debbiesomeone who always see's the negativeRate it:

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read to filth (or) read for filthBasically to scold, or to get called out on something; to reprimand, to degrade, to cuss out, to correct, to set them straight, to tell them what's what & who's who.Rate it:

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magic bulletA simple remedy to a difficult or complex problem, especially a cure for a disease.Rate it:

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dry eyeKeratoconjunctivitis sicca , an eye disease caused by decreased tear production.Rate it:

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you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pigYou can try to change something or one's outward appearance, but it will not change the inward appearance. Even if you put lipstick on a pig, it will always roll in mud and grunt.Rate it:

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be preparedTo be prepared for a sexual encounter by carrying or possessing condoms or other means for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.Rate it:

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China syndromeA rare disease, first characterized in the early 1990s, which resembles poliomyelitis but which has somewhat different characteristics and occurs in persons vaccinated for poliomyelitis.Rate it:

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foot and mouthdisease of farm animalsRate it:

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full of himself/herself:The self-centered individual awash with a smattering of 'ego' expresses an 'all-knowing', 'all familiar', par excellence in the extreme:Rate it:

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lay an eggThe act or performance which is substandard in one's capability. An act or performance which is substandard or below the typical level of one's usual production or output: An act, production or presentation of a noxious, negative, repulsive, boorish nature:Rate it:

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long goodbyeNickname for Alzheimer's disease, especially for the final phase of the disease, during which the patient suffers a progressive decline of cognitive and motor skills and gradually loses the ability to recognize and to communicate with family and friends.[1]; nickname for the relationship between a person suffering from Alzheimer's disease and that person's family or friends.Rate it:

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