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take a leap of faithjump into the fray, gather all one's wits and plunge, take courage and step into the unknown:Rate it:

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faith can move mountainsa strong, fervent belief in one's capability goes a long way in successful accomplishment of a taskRate it:

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faith will move mountainsBelief in oneself (read sometimes as belief in God) can help one overcome any hurdle in life's path.Rate it:

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take on faithTo accept something without seeing evidence supporting it, by trust or confidence.Rate it:

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the fucking you get isn't worth the fucking you get(vulgar) The sexual satisfactions that one receives from a spouse or romantic partner are not sufficient to compensate for the significant periods of bad faith and unpleasant treatment which such relationships routinely involve.1971, Allen Churchill, The Literary Decade, ISBN 9780135375228:Years later she expressed her disillusionment with sex by saying, "The fucking you get isn't worth the fucking you get."1999, Ben Sonnenberg, Lost Property: Memoirs and Confessions of a Bad Boy, ISBN 9781582430454, p. 93:Maitland got drunk at his parties and threw his arm around you and pulled you over to his wife and made you look down her dress, saying, "The trouble with marriage is that the fucking you get isn't worth the fucking you get."2008, Joseph Heywood, Blue Wolf In Green Fire, ISBN 9781599213590, p. 63:"I can't believe a little pussy got me into dis mess." "Shit happens," Service said. "Sometimes the fucking you get isn't worth the fucking you get."Rate it:

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you can hang your hat on thatIt's something to put faith in, to rely upon or trust (when used in a positive connotation).Rate it:

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enough to make the angels weepSomething so distressing that it causes one to lose hope and faith.Rate it:

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willful ignoranceA bad faith decision to avoid becoming informed about something so as to avoid having to make undesirable decisions that such information might prompt. It may also be shown as for a person to have no clue in a decision but still goes ahead in their decision.Rate it:

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