Found 260 phrases starting with Y:

y a pas le feu au lacRien ne presse, il n’y a pas lieu de se dépêcher.Rate it:
y dale con que va a lloverExpresión de fastidio ante la insistencia de una persona en un asunto o ante la falta de novedad de un argumento.Rate it:
y la cacha de la espadaForma burlesca de concluir la enumeración de cosas o razones que se consideran poco importantes o falsas. Puede ir precedido o seguido por la pata de la guagua, la pata de la cama y otras expresiones equivalentes.Rate it:
y para de contarand that's all, and that's it, period.Rate it:
y una mierdamy assRate it:
Y.O.L.O.Alternative form of YOLORate it:
y/oAbbreviation of years old.Rate it:
ya era horaabout timeRate it:
ya no estar para esos trotesExpresión con la que se dice que uno ya está demasiado viejo o enfermo para realizar la actividad señaladaRate it:
ya queIntroduce la razón, motivo o causa de algo que se ha mencionado o se va a mencionar después.Rate it:
ya te digoyou betcha; damn right; too rightRate it:
yack onTo talk at length, in an annoying, boring and long-winded way.Rate it:
yada yada yadaAnd so on; and so forth.Rate it:
yada yada yada: blah blah blah.Rate it:
yak shavingAny apparently useless activity which, by allowing you to overcome intermediate difficulties, allows you to solve a larger problem.Rate it:
yammer onTo talk continuously, especially with no-one paying attention.Rate it:
yank offTo remove something, like a piece of cloth or bread, by tearing it with one quick strong pull.Rate it:
yank offTo masturbate.Rate it:
yank outTo remove something like a nail, or a tooth with one quick strong pull.Rate it:
yank someone's chainTo tease someone; to lead someone on; to goad someone into overreacting.Rate it:
yank someone's chainUsed other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see yank,‎ chain.Rate it:
Yankee dimeA kiss.Rate it:
Yankee go homeUnited States people go back to your country; used to express anger or opposition at American presence in a foreign land.Rate it:
yardarm to yardarmVery close to each other.Rate it:
YBYSAIAInitialism of you bet your sweet ass I am : a strong affirmative response.Rate it:
Eye dialect spelling of je.Rate it:
ye godsYou gods! Used to express surprise or incredulity.Rate it:
ye oldeFaux-archaic form of the oldRate it:
ye oldePseudo-archaic, pertaining to a historically inaccurate invocation of pre-modern times.Rate it:
yeah, rightA sarcastic expression of disbelief.Rate it:
yeah, rightCorrect; affirmative; yes; yes, that is correct.Rate it:
year dotA very long time ago, from the beginning or as far back as one can remember.Rate it:
year in, year outDuring every year; always.Rate it:
yell atTo scold, to rebuke - often by yelling.Rate it:
yell silentlyTo think very strong thoughts, that one wishes to yell out loud but does not.Rate it:
yellow brick roadA proverbial path to a Promised Land of one's hopes and dreams.Rate it:
yellow cakeUsed other than as an idiom: Any yellow-colored cake (dessert).Rate it:
yellow cakeuranium oreRate it:
yellow cardbookingRate it:
yellow dogUsed other than as an idiom: see yellow, dog.Rate it:
yellow dogA Carolina dog.Rate it:
yellow dogAn item or person of low value.Rate it:
yellow dogShortening of yellow dog Democrat.Rate it:
yellow greaseUsed vegetable oil purposed for use as biodiesel.Rate it:
yellow journalismMaterial published in a broadcast or periodical, such as a tabloid newspaper or magazine, which is sensationalistic and of questionable accuracy and taste.Rate it:
yellow journalistA journalist who writes material which is sensationalistic and of questionable accuracy and taste.Rate it:
yellow lightLimited approval or permission to proceed.Rate it:
yellow lineroad markingRate it:
yellow pressNewspapers which publish sensationalist articles rather than well researched and sober journalism.Rate it:
yellow stateA state of the United States where the Libertarian Party is influential.Rate it:

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