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when the going gets tough, the tough get goingin difficult times, it is the strong-willed who take action.Rate it:
when the shit hits the fanA reference to the messy consequences of a secret or private situation becoming public.Rate it:
when two sundays come together"When two Sundays come together/ meet" is used to talk about a situation that never occurs as two Sundays can never meet.Rate it:
when you're up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget that the initial objective was to drain the swampOnly because it seems so urgent.Rate it:
when, as, and ifUsed to indicate the timing and contingency of some obligation in contracts, especially financial.Rate it:
where it's atcool, trendyRate it:
where it's attrue, truthfulRate it:
where the sun don't shineUp or in the anus.Rate it:
where there's muck there's brass(UK, Irish) There is money to be made in unpleasant dirty jobs.Rate it:
where there's smoke, there's fireIf there is telltale evidence of some event, the event is probably occurring.Rate it:
where's the beefWhere is the content? So what?.Rate it:
wherever you go, there you are(colloquial, clichRate it:
whichever way one slices itfrom any perspective; in every caseRate it:
while away your dayOne whom is lackadaisical, regressive, cares less:Rate it:
whip handThe hand in which a horse rider holds the whip.Rate it:
whip handAn advantage over another; the dominant position.Rate it:
whip throughTo do something extremely quickly and perfunctorily.Rate it:
whip upTo produce something quickly, especially of a meal.Rate it:
whipped creamdessert toppingRate it:
whips and jinglesa state of torturous delirium, particularly delirium tremensRate it:
whisk awayTo take (a person) on a surprise romantic journey.Rate it:
whisk offto rapidly remove.Rate it:
whisk offTo take (a person) on a surprise romantic journey.Rate it:
whiskey dickImpotence caused by heavy drinking.Rate it:
whisper campaignA method of persuasion in which damaging rumors or innuendo are deliberately spread concerning a person or other target, while the source of the rumors tries to avoid detection.Rate it:
whistle dixieTo engage in a pointless or unproductive activity; to do something without resolve, seriousness or commitment.Rate it:
whistle in the darkTo speak of something despite having little knowledge of it.Rate it:
whistle past the graveyardTo attempt to stay cheerful in a dire situation; To proceed with a task, ignoring an upcoming hazard, hoping for a good outcome.Rate it:
whistle past the graveyardTo enter a situation with little or no understanding of the possible consequences.Rate it:
whistle walkThe path slaves took to deliver food from the kitchen building of a plantation to the main dining room. Slaves were expected to whistle during this walk in order to assure their masters that they were not eating the food.Rate it:
whistle-blowerOne who reports a problem or violation to the authorities; especially, an employee or former employee who reports a violation by an employer.Rate it:
whistle-stopA small train station.Rate it:
whistle-stop train tourA tour in a political campaign that makes many brief stops in small communities.Rate it:
whistle-stop train tourAny travel that's quick and with only brief pauses.Rate it:
whistling dixieRefers to a studied carelessness. But if you say someone ain't just whistling Dixie, it means they're not kidding around.Rate it:
white as a sheetVery white or pale, as if suffering from shock.Rate it:
white as driven snowextremely white; totally white (of a color).Rate it:
white as snowVery white.Rate it:
white coat hypertensionElevated blood pressure measured by a medical practitioner and deemed to result from the patient's emotional response to the medical environment.Rate it:
white elephantAn albino elephant.Rate it:
white elephantAn ornament etc that is unwanted or is a financial burden; an unprofitable investment.Rate it:
white goodsfridges, washing machines, etcRate it:
white hatA white hat hacker.Rate it:
white holeA theoretically possible but physically highly unlikely singularity which would emit matter and energy; the antithesis of a black hole.Rate it:
White HouseThe official home and workplace of the President of the United States of America.Rate it:
White HouseThe US presidency and its administration.Rate it:
white lieA deliberate, untrue statement which does no harm or is intended to produce a favorable result.Rate it:
White Lightnin,Illegally Brewed, High-Percentage/Grain Alcohol Spirits, Whiskey, Moonshine Liquor, Surrepticously Distributed by 'BootleggersRate it:
white magicMagic derived from good or benign forces, as distinct from evil or malevolent forces; or magic performed with the intention of doing good or giving aid.Rate it:
white manUsed other than as an idiom: see white, man.Rate it:

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