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watch outTo be aware or conscious; to look closely or carefully; to use caution. Often used in the imperative.Rate it:
watch overTo guard and protect.Rate it:
watch this spaceAn indication that a development will follow.Rate it:
watch your mouthAdmonition mainly addressed to youth when they occasionally became profane, loud, boisterous, or engaged in vulgarities.Rate it:
water canUsed other than as an idiom: see water, can.Rate it:
water canAny of several species of Nuphar; the yellow frog lily; so called from the shape of the seed vessel.Rate it:
water downTo dilute; to add water.Rate it:
water downTo make weaker.Rate it:
water downTo simplify or oversimplify; to make easier; to make less difficult.Rate it:
water is exceeding up the headwhen every thing goes wrong and nothing is controlableRate it:
water over the damAn event or set of events which has already happened and cannot be changed.Rate it:
water polosportRate it:
water to my millWhat energizes you; what stimulates you.Rate it:
water to one's millWhatever energizes or stimulates one.Rate it:
water under the bridgeSomething in the past that cannot be controlled or undone, but must be accepted, forgiven, or forgotten.Rate it:
watered-downDiluted; containing extra water.Rate it:
watered-downWeakened or simplified.Rate it:
watering holeA depression in which water collects and where animals come to drink.Rate it:
watering holeA bar or other local drinking establishment.Rate it:
wave awayTo reject or dismiss with a hand gesture.Rate it:
wave of the handAs if by magic.Rate it:
wave the white flagTo indicate to an opposing force that one is surrendering.Rate it:
wave the white flagTo yield, give up, or quit.Rate it:
wax lyricalTo become, or tend to become lyrical.Rate it:
wax lyricalTo talk about something with much interest or excitement.Rate it:
way back whenA time in the distant past.Rate it:
way outexcellent, amazingRate it:
way outexitRate it:
way out of a paper bagA minimal level of competence or effectiveness, as used in phrases where one is unable to perform such.Rate it:
way to goAn expression of congratulations, encouragement, or approval.Rate it:
we haven't got all daya statement used to hurry people upRate it:
weak sisterA person or thing which is the least robust or least dependable member of a group.Rate it:
weak sisterA person who is cowardly or indecisive.Rate it:
weak teaUsed other than as an idiom: see weak, tea.Rate it:
weak teaWeak (feeble) effort or proposal; unconvincing argument.Rate it:
weak-kneedLacking will power or strength of character; timid.Rate it:
weak-kneedUsed other than as an idiom: see week, kneed.Rate it:
weaker vesselA woman; women collectively.Rate it:
wear downTo cause physical or mental fatigue.Rate it:
wear downTo have one's long hair styled in a free, low-hanging, unencumbered style; i.e., not in an up-do or ponytail.Rate it:
wear offTo diminish in effect.Rate it:
wear offTo disappear because of being abraded, over-polished, or abused.Rate it:
wear one's heart on one's sleeveTo be extremely transparent, open, or forthright about one's emotions.Rate it:
wear outTo cause to become damaged, useless, or ineffective through continued use, especially hard, heavy, or careless use.Rate it:
wear outTo deteriorate or become unusable or ineffective due to continued use, exposure, or strain.Rate it:
wear outTo exhaust; to cause or contribute to another's exhaustion, fatigue, or weariness, as by continued strain or exertion.Rate it:
wear outTo become exhausted, tired, fatigued, or weary, as by continued strain or exertion.Rate it:
wear outOf apparel, displayed in public.Rate it:
wear outOf a shirt, not tucked into the pants; worn in a casual manner.Rate it:
wear outTo punish by spanking.Rate it:

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