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winder-upHand-Crank an Automobile in a rapid 360 Degree Constant Cranking Action!Rate it:
window dressingA means of creating a deceptively favourable impression of something or someone; something for appearance only.Rate it:
window dressingThe decorative display of retail merchandise in store windows.Rate it:
window dressingThe goods and trimmings used in such display.Rate it:
window dressingThese latest modifications are mere window dressing, the same problems remain.Rate it:
window-shoppingThe browsing of shop windows without any intention of buying.Rate it:
wine merchantvintnerRate it:
wine tosserA person who buys wine, but does not drink it.Rate it:
wine tosserA person who talks a great deal about wine but actually knows very little.Rate it:
wing itTo improvise; to make things up or figure things out as one goes; or to perform with little or no preparation.Rate it:
winkle outTo acquire something or someone with difficulty.Rate it:
winkle outTom managed to winkle the truth out of John eventually.Rate it:
winning waysa winning streak; a sequence of winning games.Rate it:
winter ratAn old, unattractive automobile, purchased for little money, to be driven during brutal Great Lakes winters while the owner's "good" car remains garaged and protected from corrosive road salt for the season.Rate it:
winter sunthe off-season holiday market, typically to destinations in North Africa and Southern Europe.Rate it:
winter sunUsed other than as an idiom. sunshine during the winter season.Rate it:
wipe awayTo remove or erase with a wiping motion.Rate it:
wipe outdestroy completelyRate it:
wipe outTo physically erase something written.Rate it:
wipe outTo crash, fall over.Rate it:
wipe somebody's eyeTo defeat; to humiliate.Rate it:
wipe someone's eyeTo defeat; to defeat humiliatingly.Rate it:
wipe the slate cleanTo forget about previous differences and disagreements, and make a fresh start.Rate it:
wipe the slate cleanTo forget all past problems or mistakes and start something again.Rate it:
wipe the slate clean!Remove anything negative or any record of indebtedness or disfavor and begin anew.Rate it:
wipe the slate clean!Remove all past offenses, charges, arrests, felonies, misdemeanors, fallacies, traffic/criminal offenses, bad habit records, divorces bankruptcies etc.Rate it:
wiped out!The expression can be visualized as one would erase the blackboard, eliminate the moisture on the window glass.Rate it:
wireless networkUsed other than as an idiom: see wireless, network.Rate it:
wireless networkDevices connected to a network using a centralized wireless access point (WAP).Rate it:
wisdom tooththird molarRate it:
wise appleA smart aleck.Rate it:
wise appleHaving the manner of a smart aleck.Rate it:
wise as an owlA very wise person or a very responsible person.Rate it:
wise guyUsed other than as an idiom: see wise, guy.Rate it:
wise guyOne who is insolent or flippant; one who makes jokes or perpetrates pranks.Rate it:
wise guyA knowledgable or successful sports bettor.Rate it:
wise guyA member of the Mafia; a mobsterRate it:
wishful thinkingDecision-making based on self-delusion.Rate it:
wishful thinkingThe illusion that what one would like is actually true.Rate it:
withused as a connective, to indicate that your with another person, or can be used to connect two wordsRate it:
with a grain of saltWith a bit of common sense and skepticism. Generally used in some form of to take with a grain of salt.Rate it:
with a vengeanceIntensely motivated; resolute; forceful.Rate it:
with a view toWith an intention to.Rate it:
with an eye toWith an intention to.Rate it:
with an eye towardsWith an intention, goal, or consideration to.Rate it:
with any luckit is hoped that; hopefullyRate it:
with baited breathawaiting an event with great anticipation, expectation, and with 'baited breath'!Rate it:
with bated breathwith bated breathRate it:
with bated breathEagerly; with great anticipation.Rate it:
with both handsWillingly; readily.Rate it:

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