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wack outTo become deranged.
wade inTo interrupt someone, or a situation, by doing or saying something abruptly, or forcefully, and usually without thinking about the consequences.
wade throughTo do a boring, repetitive research task.
wage warA figurative allusion to pay discrepancies.
wail onTo strike an opponent heavily and repeatedly in a fight.
wail onTo beat heavily on anything.
wait for the other shoe to dropTo await a seemingly inevitable event, especially one which is not desirable.
wait for the other shoe to dropTo defer action or decision until another matter is finished or resolved.
wait upTo stay awake waiting for somebody to return.
wait upWait.
wake up and smell the coffeeTo face reality and stop deluding oneself.
wake up on the wrong side of bedTo feel grumpy, irritable; to be easily annoyed.
walk a tightropeTo undertake a precarious course of action.
walk and chew gum at the same timeTo do something very easy.
walk aroundTo walk with no real planned destination, but to just walk, to meander "around".
walk away fromTo abandon or leave; to shun.
walk in onTo enter suddenly or unexpectedly while something is happening; to intrude or interrupt by entering.
walk in the parkA recreational walk in a park.
walk in the parkSomething easy or pleasant, especially by comparison to something.
walk in the snowAn occasion when a momentous career decision is made, especially a decision to resign or retire.
walk intoTo collide with.
walk intoTo fall into .
walk intomeet with unwittingly
walk it offTo deal with an negative emotional event without complaint; to take it like a man.
walk it offTo walk or pace in order to relieve a pain or cramp.
walk on eggshellsTo be careful and sensitive, in handling very sensitive matters.
walk on eggshellsTo be overly careful in dealing with a person or situation because they get angry or offended very easily; to try very hard not to upset someone or something.
walk outTo stage a walkout or strike.
walk outTo leave suddenly, especially as a form of protest.
walk out onTo abandon or desert someone, especially a spouse.
walk the lineTo behave in an authorized or socially accepted manner, especially as prescribed by law or morality; to exercise self-control.
walk the lineTo maintain an intermediate position between contrasting choices, opinions, etc..
walk the lineTo mark or secure a boundary by walking along it.
walk the lineTo participate in the procession at a graduation ceremony; to graduate.
walk the plankTo be forced to resign from a position in an organization.
walk the talkTo do what one said one could do, or would do, not just making empty promises. To walk one's talk is to be innocent of hypocrisy.
walk the walkAct competently, like an expert.
walked out onTo abandoned; to desert
walked out onTo abandoned; to desert
walked out onTo abandoned; to desert
walking on airvery happy
wall inTo enclose by surrounding with walls.
wall offTo separate with a wall.
wall to wall carpetsfloor coverings
wall upTo seal with a wall.
walls have earsThere is a risk of being heard, so pay attention to what you say.
waltz matildaTo travel with a swag; that is, with one's belongings wrapped in a cloth.
wank offTo masturbate.
wank offTo sexually stimulate another's penis.
wanna 'take a spin?Take a ride in car, Take a SPIN in MY J-3 Taylor Cub Airplane?

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