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under the weatherSomewhat ill or gloomy.Rate it:
under the weatherSomewhat intoxicated or suffering from a hangover.Rate it:
under the wireAcross the finish line.Rate it:
under the wireAt the last minute; before the deadline; barely on time; nearly late.Rate it:
under the yokeUnder subjugation.Rate it:
under waterIn difficulty, especially financial.Rate it:
under wayA vessel is said to be underway when she is not anchored, moored, aground, or beached[1]. Compare with make way.Rate it:
under wayIn operation, in progress, commenced.Rate it:
under wrapsSecret or hidden.Rate it:
underpromise and overdeliverExceed the customer's expectations.Rate it:
underwater basket weavingunderwater basket weavingRate it:
underwater basket weavingAn easy and useless college or high school class.Rate it:
uniquelyunevenRate it:
university of lifeThe real world as a source of instruction, as opposed to a formal education.Rate it:
uno ab alto"One over all"Rate it:
uno ab altofrom one heightRate it:
unreciprocatedUnreciprocated LoveRate it:
unring a bellTo perform the impossible.Rate it:
unring a bellTo reverse the irreversible.Rate it:
unring a bellTo reverse the ringing of a bell.Rate it:
unspoken wordA great and viable factor, a venerable background, solid financial condition. Long and successful business history.Rate it:
untarTo extract a tar archive.Rate it:
until hell freezes overForever; One will never in their life get the results that they want, no matter what they're doing involving the situation.Rate it:
until one is blue in the faceForever; for a hopelessly long time.Rate it:
until the cows come homeFor a very long time.Rate it:
unwashed massesOf people who are considered by someone to be somehow uneducated, uninformed, godless, or in some other way unqualified for inclusion in the speaker's elite circles.Rate it:
up a creekIn trouble; in a difficult situation.Rate it:
up a creek without a paddleIn a difficult situation, without any help. Superlative form of up a creek: most up a creek.Rate it:
up a stormIn a remarkable and exciting manner.Rate it:
up a treeIn or into a disadvantaged or difficult situation; at a loss; cornered.Rate it:
up againstFacing; challenging, or opposing.Rate it:
up againstIn contact with, abutting.Rate it:
up against itIn a very difficult position.Rate it:
up and downupward and downward, alternatelyRate it:
up and downalternately forwards and backwards along a pathRate it:
up and downVertical; perpendicular; said of the cable when the anchor is under, or nearly under, the hawse hole, and the cable is taut.Rate it:
up and runningoperational, in operationRate it:
up forPlanned; next in line.Rate it:
up forWilling to participate in; interested in.Rate it:
up for grabsAvailable for anyone to obtain, claim or win.Rate it:
up frontOpen, honest; tending to disclose information; truthful.Rate it:
up hill and down daleHere and there; everywhere.Rate it:
up in armsAngry; preparing for a fight.Rate it:
up in the airLiteral: up in or into the sky or air.Rate it:
Up in the Air!Reference to situation, outlook, results as being; Uncertain, Questionable, Doubtful, Yet to be Determined, Resolved, Decided, Stated, Planned, Known, Ruled/ 'Go or No Go'!Rate it:
up onWell-informed about.Rate it:
up one's alleyMatching a person's interests or abilities well.Rate it:
up one's own asshaving an excessively high opinion of oneself.Rate it:
up one's sleeveHidden, in reserve.Rate it:
up shit creekAlternative form of up the creek.Rate it:

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