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track downTo hunt for or locate; to search for; to find.Rate it:
track recordAn organization's, product's, or person's past performance reviewed in its entirety, usually for the purpose of making a judgment.Rate it:
trade unionsocial eventRate it:
trade unionworkers' organisationRate it:
trade-offa balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features; a compromise.Rate it:
traffSomeone with a great sense of humor.Rate it:
trailer park trashLower-class people who live in trailer parks.Rate it:
Trailer TrashDeprecating Social Term, Associated with Families Struck With Economic Hardship.Rate it:
trailer trashDeleted from the movie trailer. Not included in theatrical run.Rate it:
trailer trashTrailer park trash.Rate it:
train wreckAn inevitable disaster.Rate it:
train wreckThe aftermath of a train crash.Rate it:
TrampIn Depression Daze, A Vagrant, 'Homeless', Hobo, Wanderer, Vagabond, 'One Without Personal Transport', 'One Who WalksRate it:
transcendental meditationUsed other than as an idiom: see transcendental, meditation.Rate it:
transcendental meditationA form of mantra meditation introduced worldwide in 1957 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917-2008).Rate it:
trash outTo criticize the person spoken to in a rant.Rate it:
travel ironholiday accessoryRate it:
travel junkieWho are using their time and money to seek out adventure holidays and travel.Rate it:
tread lightlyTo proceed carefully; especially, to seek to avoid causing offense.Rate it:
treat them mean, keep them keenA woman will be more interested in a man if he is not kind to her.Rate it:
trench mouthAcute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, a severe bacterial infection of the gums, typically characterized by inflammation, bleeding, deep ulceration, necrotized tissue, pain, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, fatigue, and halitosis.Rate it:
trial balloonAn idea, suggestion, or prospective action, product, etc. offered to an audience or group in order to test whether it generates acceptance or interest.Rate it:
trial by fireA test in which a person is exposed to flames in order to assess his/her truthfulness, commitment, courage, etc.Rate it:
trial by fireA situation in which a soldier or other combatant faces the discharge of opposing weapons, as a test of his or her fortitude.Rate it:
trial by fireAny ordeal which tests one's strength, endurance, or resolve.Rate it:
trick of the tradeA shortcut or other quick, or very effective way of doing things, that professional workers learn from experience.Rate it:
trick outTo trick out; to mod or customize an object, typically for the purpose of both personalization as well as enhancing the object's performance capabilities and more particularly for the purpose of performing stunts with that object.Rate it:
trick up one's sleeveA surprise advantage of which others are not aware.Rate it:
tried and trueThe expression conveys the theme that certain agendas, thrusts, actions approaches, formulas, have proven to be creditable, dependable, helpful, workable.Rate it:
tried and trueWell-established and tested; known to work or succeed based on extensive experience.Rate it:
trigger-happyHaving a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm irresponsibly before adequately identifying the target.Rate it:
trigger-happyInclined to behave recklessly, especially with machinery.Rate it:
trigger-happyInclined to react excessively or violently at the slightest provocation.Rate it:
trip ballsExperiencing severe drug-induced hallucinatory trip.Rate it:
trip outTo hallucinate as a result of drugs.Rate it:
trip outTo have a fit, to become enraged.Rate it:
trip outTo have as an image in one's mind.Rate it:
trip to the woodshedAn occasion on which a reprimand or punishment is administered.Rate it:
Trojan-horseTo introduce slyly, to sneak in.Rate it:
trot outTo list or recite quickly.Rate it:
trot outTo bring something forward in order to display or use it.Rate it:
trouble in paradiseAn unexpected problem in a supposedly positive situation, especially in a marital or romantic relationship.Rate it:
true believerA strict follower of a religious doctrine.Rate it:
true blueIndubitably loyal or faithful.Rate it:
true bluestaunchly loyalRate it:
true stripesOne's real beliefs, sentiments, or character.Rate it:
true to one's colorsloyalRate it:
trump upHeavily publicise, promote or market a product.Rate it:
truth be toldUsed when admitting something one might otherwise lie about, e.g. to keep up appearances or be polite.Rate it:
truth will outA mystery will always be solved, or a truth will always be discoveredTruth will eventually and inevitably be discovered.Rate it:

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