Found 320 phrases starting with TA:

table scrapRemaining, meagre portion of a meal.Rate it:
table scrapMeagre remainings of anything.Rate it:
table talkConversation, especially of an informal or somewhat gossipy nature, among a group seated together for a meal or other social activity.Rate it:
tacit acceptance of the content of the book itselfTo be silentRate it:
tack upTo prepare a horse for riding by equipping it with tack.Rate it:
tackle the jobDetermine tools and manpower needed, Move on site, Begin and complete necessary demolition, Launch make-ready tasks in order for all trades to move on site and begin the new construction.Rate it:
tag alongTo accompany, join, or follow; to go with.Rate it:
tag teamTwo or more people or groups acting alternately to accomplish some task.Rate it:
tail between one's legsA reaction to a confrontation, specifically one with excessive shame and hurt pride.Rate it:
tail wagging the dogA minor or secondary part of something controlling the whole.Rate it:
take a back seatTo be second to someone or something; to be less important or have a lower priority.Rate it:
take a bathTo bathe.Rate it:
take a bathTo lose a large amount of money in an investment.Rate it:
take a bead onTo aim a gun at something.Rate it:
take a biteTo eat a quick, light snack.Rate it:
take a bowTo accept applause at the end of a performance in a theatre. Often this includes actually bowing to the audience.Rate it:
take a breathTo inhale and subsequently exhale air.Rate it:
take a breatherTo take a break; to pause or relax briefly.Rate it:
take a bulletTo purposely receive a gunshot that was intended for another.Rate it:
take a chanceTo risk; to try something risky.Rate it:
take a crack atTo attempt or try.Rate it:
take a crapTo defecate.Rate it:
take a dim view ofTo dislike; to regard with skepticism, disbelief, disfavor, etc.Rate it:
take a dirt napTo die.Rate it:
take a diveTo feign a knockout in order to lose intentionally.Rate it:
take a diveTo lose or fail intentionally.Rate it:
take a flyerTo invest against odds.Rate it:
take a flyerTo make a choice with an uncertain outcome; to take a chance.Rate it:
take a gambleTo risk; to try something risky.Rate it:
take a ganderTo take a look; to check or examine.Rate it:
take a grabUsed other than as an idiom: see take, grab.Rate it:
take a grabto mark the football, especially overheadRate it:
take a hikeTo go away; to leave or depart.Rate it:
take a hikeTo go hiking.Rate it:
take a jokeTo accept a joke at one's expense.Rate it:
take a leaf out of someone's bookTo adopt an idea or practice of another person.Rate it:
take a leakTo urinate.Rate it:
take a leap of faithjump into the fray, gather all one's wits and plunge, take courage and step into the unknown:Rate it:
take a lickingTo suffer a defeat or a beating.Rate it:
take a licking and keep on tickingTo be tough; to have endurance; to have the capacity to absorb stress or damage, but still be able to function.Rate it:
take a long walk on a short pierUsed to tell someone to go away, or that their request will not be met.Rate it:
take a lookTo examine or observe.Rate it:
take a napto sleep brieflyRate it:
take a numberRecognize that many others are in the same situation; recognize that one's concerns are not of high priority; be prepared to wait.Rate it:
take a pewTo take a seat; to sit down.Rate it:
take a pictureTo photographically capture an image.Rate it:
take a powderTo leave in a hurry; run away; scram; depart without taking leave or notifying anyone, often with a connotation of avoiding something unpleasant or shirking responsibility.Rate it:
take a ride to TyburnTo be executed.Rate it:
take a riskTo do something risky.Rate it:
take a run atTo attempt to achieve or acquire.Rate it:

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