Found 1,302 phrases starting with T:

t shirttable scraptable scrap
table talktacit acceptance of…tack up
tackle the jobtag alongtag team
tail between one's …tail wagging the dogtake a back seat
take a bathtake a bathtake a bead on
take a bitetake a bowtake a breath
take a breathertake a bullettake a chance
take a crack attake a craptake a dim view of
take a dirt naptake a divetake a dive
take a flyertake a flyertake a gamble
take a gandertake a grabtake a grab
take a hiketake a hiketake a joke
take a leaf out of …take a leaktake a leap of faith
take a lickingtake a licking and …take a long walk on…
take a looktake a naptake a number
take a pewtake a picturetake a powder
take a ride to Tybu…take a risktake a run at
take a run attake a seattake a shine to som…
take a shittake a shot in the …take a spill
take a spintake a stab attake a stab at
take a standtake a tiger by the…take a tumble
take a tumbletake a turn for the…take a turn for the…
take a walk in the …take abacktake aback
take aftertake aftertake against
take againsttake aimtake aim
take aparttake aparttake apart
take aparttake awaytake away
take awaytake awaytake away
take awaytake away fromtake back
take backtake backtake back
take backtake by stormtake by storm
take by stormtake care of the pe…take care of the pe…
take covertake downtake down
take downtake downtake down
take down a pegtake effecttake exception
take exception totake fivetake five
take flighttake for a ridetake for a spin
take for a spintake for grantedtake for granted
take guardtake hearttake heed
take illtake intake in
take intake intake in
take into accounttake it awaytake it easy
take it easytake it easytake it from me
take it from theretake it like a mantake it or leave it
take it or leave ittake it out ontake it outside
take it to the banktake it up the asstake it up the ass
take its tolltake kindlytake leave
take leavetake leave of one's…take liberties
take lightlytake lying downtake matters into o…
take me awaytake no for an answ…take no notice of
take offtake offtake off
take offtake offtake off
take offtake offtake off!
take offlinetake ontake on
take ontake ontake on faith
take on the chintake one for the te…take one's ball and…
take one's chancetake one's eye off …take one's hat off …
take one's leavetake one's lumpstake one's lumps
take one's picktake one's timetake one's time
take one's tongue o…take outtake out of context
take out the trashtake out the trashtake over
take overtake overtake over
take overtake overtake over
take parttake parttake pride
take sicktake sidestake silk
take sitting downtake somebody's wor…take someone's head…
take someone's pointtake someone's pointtake something as r…
take something in o…take something in s…take the bait
take the biscuittake the biscuittake the Browns to …
take the bull by th…take the bull by th…take the cake
take the caketake the cash and l…take the cure
take the falltake the fieldtake the fifth
take the flaktake the game totake the heat
take the hinttake the law into o…take the lead
take the leadtake the libertytake the michael
take the micktake the mickeytake the offensive
take the peetake the pisstake the piss
take the pisstake the plungetake the plunge
take the pointtake the pointtake the rap
take the red pilltake the reinstake the shadow for…
take the standtake the wheeltake the wheel
take the wind out o…take things as they…take to
take totake totake to
take to hearttake to hearttake to one's heels
take to tasktake to the cleanerstake to the hills
take to wifetake uptake up a collection
take up the cudgel …take up the gauntlettake up with
take up withtake upontake with a pinch o…
taking to ones heelstaking upon oneselftalent management
talk a blue streaktalk a mile a minutetalk about
talk backtalk bigtalk dirty
talk downtalk downtalk down
talk in circlestalk in circlestalk is cheap
talk like an apothe…talk of the deviltalk of the town
talk out of turntalk out one's asstalk over
talk overtalk over someone's…talk softly and car…
talk somebody under…talk someone under …talk someone's ear …
talk the leg off a …talk the talktalk through one's …
talk through one's …talk to the handtalk turkey
talk uptalk uptalking head
tall in the saddletall ordertall tale
tally hotan someone's hidetank top
TANSTAAFLtape offtaper off
tar with the same b…target someonetart up
tart uptart uptartufo
tartufotask forcetaste like chicken
taste of one's own …tattle taletaxi driver
tea serviceteach someone a les…teacher's pet
teacher's petteam upteam up with
tear a strip off so…tear a strip off so…tear apart
tear aparttear aparttear apart
tear awaytear one's hair outtear up
tear uptear uptear up
tear up the pea pat…technical knockouttee off
tee offteed offteensy weensy
teeny weenyteething troublestel aviv
telephone exchangetelephone tagtell against
tell againsttell alltell all
tell aparttell fortunestell it like it is
tell it to sweeneytell it to the judgetell it to the mari…
tell offtell offtell on
tell talestell tales out of s…tell the truth
tell you the truthtelling offtempest in a teapot
temple of immensitytempt fatetempus fugit
ten a pennyten foot poletenement buildings
tenon sawtentpole movieTEOTWAWKI
terminal leavesterminal leavesterra firma
territorial pissingterritorial pissingtest bed
test matchtest of timetest the waters
tete a tetethan a bygodthank one's lucky s…
thanks a bunchthanks a bunchthanks for nothing
thankyousomuchthat does itthat figures
that fills the billthat isthat is
that which doesn't …that'll be the daythat'll do
that's all she wrotethat's just methat's that
that's the ticketthat's the way it isthat's the way life…
that's the way the …that's the way the …that's the way the …
that's the way the …that's what she saidthat's what's up
Thatcher's childrenThatcher's childrenthats the way the b…
thats whats upthe ;WYEthe apple doesn't f…
the bad penny alway…the bad penny alway…the ball is in some…
the ball is in your…the beast with two …the bee's knees
the bendsthe big kahunathe bigger they are…
the bronxthe buck stops herethe cake is a lie
the calm before the…the companythe course of true …
the devilthe die is castthe doc says im goi…
the doctor always e…the dogs bark, but …the early bird catc…
the early bird gets…The EndThe End
the end all-be allthe end justifies t…the end of one's ro…
the ends justify th…the ends of the ear…the enemy of my ene…
the fingerthe fish rots from …the fix is in
the flying dutchmanthe fucking you get…the fucking you get…
the fucking you get…the girl said my co…the good die young
the grass is always…the hand that rocks…the hand that rocks…
the handbags come o…the hell out ofThe Hell You Say?
the icing on the ca…the jig is upthe jig is up
the joke is on some…the law is a assthe law is an ass
the long and shortthe long and short …the long and short …
the long arm of the…The Lord works in m…the luck of the draw
the manthe manthe man
the manthe man in the stre…the man in the stre…
the map is not the …the marriage sank i…the more the merrier
the more things cha…the name of the gamethe nose knows
the nut does not fa…the old woman is pl…the other day
the pants offthe pen is mightier…the pick of the lit…
the pitsthe place to bethe plot thickens
the proof is in the…the proof of the pu…the quality
the rabbit diedthe rest is historythe road to hell is…
the rubber meets th…the rubber meets th…the salt of the ear…
the screwing you ge…the screwing you ge…the screwing you ge…
the shoe is on the …the shoemaker's chi…the show
the sky is the limitthe sky is the moonthe spirit is willi…
the straw that brok…the terrorists will…the thing is
the thing of itthe three component…the upper hand
the way to a man's …the wheel turnsthe wheels fell off
the whistle does no…the whistle doesn't…the whole nine yards
the whole nine yardsthe whole shooting …the whole world and…
the world is one's …the world is one's …the world is one's …
the world overthem's the breaksthem's the facts
then againthen and therethere and back
there are many ways…there are none so b…there are plenty mo…
there are plenty of…there are two sides…there but for the g…
there for everyone …there is an excepti…there is nothing ne…
there is reason in …there may be snow o…there we go
there ya gothere ya gothere you are
there you arethere you gothere you go
there you gothere you go!there you have it
there you have itthere's a sucker bo…there's always a bi…
there's many a slip…there's more than o…there's no accounti…
there's no accounti…there's no fool lik…there's no i in team
there's no place li…there's no point cr…there's no such thi…
there's no time lik…there's no use cryi…there's nothing to …
there's nowt so que…there's only onethere, there
they're only after …thick and thinthick as a brick
thick as thievesthick of thingsthick skin
thick skinthief in the nightthieve out
thigh-slapperthin airthin as a rake
thin edge of the we…thin end of the wed…thin out
thin-skinnedthin-skinnedthings that go bump…
think aboutthink aloudthink better of it
think of englandthink on one's feetthink one's shit do…
think overthink tankthink the world of
think throughthink twicethink up
think with one's li…thinking capthird degree
third handthird personthird person
third personthird personthird person
third ratethird stringthird string
third time's a charmthird time's the ch…third wheel
this is itthis minutethis too shall pass
this too shall pass…this won't get the …this, that, and the…
this, that, and the…thorn in someone's …thorn in the flesh
thorn in the fleshthose who can't do,…those who can't use…
those who will not …though butthrash out
thread the needlethread the needlethree rs
three rsthree rsthree score and ten
three sheets to the…three sheets to the…three skips of a lo…
three wise monkeys,…three-martini lunchthree-on-the-tree
three-ring circusthree-ring circusthrill kill
thrill killthrill killerthrottle down
through and throughthrough the roofthrow a bone to
throw a fitthrow a partythrow a sickie
throw a spanner in …throw a tantrumthrow a wobbly
throw an eyethrow asidethrow away
throw awaythrow caution to th…throw chunks
throw cold water onthrow dirt enough, …throw down
throw downthrow downthrow down
throw down the gaun…throw enough mud at…throw enough mud at…
throw for a loopthrow good money af…throw in
throw inthrow in at the dee…throw in the towel
throw in withthrow money awaythrow off
throw offthrow off balancethrow off the trail
throw one's cap ove…throw one's hat in …throw one's toys ou…
throw one's weight …throw oneself atthrow out
throw outthrow shapesthrow smoke
throw somebody a cu…throw somebody a cu…throw someone a cur…
throw someone a cur…throw the baby out …throw the book at
throw to the dogsthrow to the dogsthrow to the dogs
throw to the windthrow to the wolvesthrow to the wolves
throw under the busthrow under the busthrow up
throw upthrow upthrowing money away
thumb a ridethumb a ridethumb one's nose
thumb one's nosethumbs upthumbs up
thus and sothus and suchtick all the boxes
tick offtick offtick off
tick off!tick overtickle pink
tickle somebody's f…tickle someone's fa…tickle someone's fu…
tickle the ivoriestickle the ivoriestickle the twine
tickled pinktickled pinktide over
tie one ontie someone's handstie the knot
tie uptie uptie up
tie uptie up loose endstiger team
tiger teamtight as a duck's a…tight lipped
tight lipstight shiptight spot
tight-lippedtight-lippedtighten one's belt
tighten the purse s…till death do us pa…tilt at windmills
tilt at windmillstime after timetime and material
time and tidetime and tide tarry…time and tide wait …
time fliestime flies when you…time heals all woun…
time is moneytime of the monthtime off
time outtime outtime out of mind
time out of mindtime out of mindtime will tell
timeservertimeservertiming is everything
tin eartin godTinker to Evers to …
Tinker to Evers to …TINSTAAFLtip of the hat
tip of the icebergtip of the icebergtip off
tip offtip one's handtip one's hand
tip one's hattip one's hattip the scale
tip the scaletip the scalestip-off
tipping it downtipsy turvytiptoe around
tiptoe aroundtire outtired and emotional
tit for tattit for tattits up
tits uptits-uptits-up
tits-uptitsupto 'put out'
to a fare-thee-wellto a faultto a man
to a nicetyto a tto a turn
to all intents and …to and froto be a queen bee
to be an open bookto be honestto be honest with y…
to be mixing apples…to be named laterto be named later
to be named laterto be perfectly hon…to be shuck of
to be sureto be the cat's whi…to be the impossibl…
to be willy nillyto beat the bandto boot
to bootto cut a sorry figu…to date
to deathto die forto dig your own gra…
to doto doto do with
to each his ownto each his ownto err is human
to get hold of wron…to get one's wires …to give a person li…
to goto goto go
to handto hell and backto hell in a handba…
to live in a ginger…to no availto not let any gras…
to one's heart's co…to one's mindto pieces
to piecesto piecesto pieces
to say nothing ofto say the leastto sing like a cana…
to spareto spareto stick around
to tell tales out o…to tell the truthto that end
to the boneto the brimto the brim
to the gillsto the hiltto the letter
to the maxto the maxto the moon
to the moonto the pointto the T
to the teeto the tonsilsto the tune of
to the victor go th…to thine own self b…toad-strangler
toast of the towntoast of the towntoday we are all
today we are alltoday we are alltoday we are all
toddle offtoddle offtoe the line
toe the marktoe-to-toetoe-to-toe
toes uptoes uptoey as a Roman san…
toke upTom, Dick or Harrytomato juice
tomato juicetomato juicetomato tomato
tomayto, tomahtotomayto, tomahtotomorrow is another…
tone downtone downtone up
tongue-in-cheektongue-tiedtonic water
tonsil hockeytonsil tennistoo bad
too badtoo big for one's b…too big for one's b…
too big for one's b…too clever by halftoo hot to hold
too many balls in t…too many balls in t…too many cooks spoi…
too much bed makes …too rich for one's …tool around
tool aroundtoot one's own horntooth and nail
top bananatop bananatop brass
top dogtop dollartop drawer
top edgetop edgetop edge
top edgetop handtop hand
top hattop heavytop it all off
top it offtop notchtop of mind
top of the linetop of the morningtop off
top oneselftop oneselftop shelf
top shelftop uptop up
top uptop uptop-heavy with drink
top-shelftop-shelftopple over
topsy turvytorque offtorqued off
toss and turntoss aroundtoss around
toss uptoss uptoss up
toss uptoss uptoss-up
total clearancetotal clearancetotus porcus
touch a nervetouch and gotouch and go
touch basetouch clothtouch down
touch judgetouch of the tar br…touch off
touch ontouch ontouch oneself
touch the hem of so…touch uptouch up
touch with a barge …touch woodtouch wood
touch-and-gotouched in the headtouchy-feely
touchy-feelytough as nailstough as old boots
tough calltough cookietough cookies
tough cookiestough lovetough luck
tough nut to cracktough outtough row to hoe
tough tittiestough tittiestough titty
tough toodlestough tuchustoughen up
tourner autour du p…tout de suitetower block
town and gowntoy boytoy with
toy withtoys in the attictrack down
track recordtrade uniontrade union
trade-offtrafftrailer park trash
Trailer Trashtrailer trashtrailer trash
train wrecktrain wreckTramp
transcendental medi…transcendental medi…trash out
travel irontravel junkietread lightly
treat them mean, ke…trench mouthtrial balloon
trial by firetrial by firetrial by fire
trick of the tradetrick outtrick up one's slee…
tried and truetried and truetrigger-happy
trigger-happytrigger-happytrip balls
trip outtrip outtrip out
trip to the woodshedTrojan-horsetrot out
trot outtrouble in paradisetrue believer
true bluetrue bluetrue stripes
true to one's colorstrump uptruth be told
truth will outtry ontry one's hand
try one's lucktry outtry out
try out one's own c…try to get on first!try to get someone …
try to top that one!TS girlTS girl
tub of gutstube steaktuck in
tuck intuck intuck into
tucker outtuckered outtug of war
tug of wartuitstuits
tuitstumble totune in
tune intune intune in to what is …
tune in, turn on, d…tune outtune out
tune uptune uptune you out!
tuppence worthtuppence worthturd in the punchbo…
turf outturf warturf war
turkey shootturkey shootturkey shoot
turkey slapTurkish breadTurkish bread
turn a blind eyeturn a cornerturn a deaf ear
turn a hairturn a phraseturn a profit
turn a profitturn a trickturn about is fair …
turn againstturn againstturn around
turn awayturn awayturn away
turn awayturn backturn back
turn backturn backturn back
turn downturn downturn down
turn headsturn inturn in
turn in one's graveturn intoturn into a pumpkin
turn looseturn of eventsturn of phrase
turn offturn offturn off
turn onturn onturn on
turn onturn onturn on its head
turn on one's heelturn one onturn one's back
turn one's coatturn one's nose upturn out
turn outturn outturn out
turn outturn outturn out
turn outturn overturn over
turn overturn over a new leafturn someone's crank
turn someone's headturn someone's headturn tail
turn the air blueturn the cornerturn the other cheek
turn the other cheekturn the pageturn the page
turn the scaleturn the screwturn the tables
turn the tideturn toturn to
turn toturn to dustturn to stone
turn to stoneturn to stoneturn tricks
turn turtleturn upturn up
turn upturn upturn up
turn up for the bookturn up one's noseturn up one's nose
turn up trumpsturn upside downturn upside down
turnabout is fair p…turned onturned to stone
tutti fruttitwatfacedTweedledum and Twee…
Tweedledum and Twee…twelfth mantwelve-ounce curls
twent-twenty visiontwenty totwenty to the dozen
twenty winkstwenty-twenty hinds…twiddle one's thumbs
twiddle one's thumbstwilight yearstwinkle in one's fa…
twinkly-eyedtwist in the windtwist in the wind
twist of fatetwist someone's armtwist someone's bal…
twist the knifetwo a pennytwo birds with one …
two bobtwo bobtwo can play that g…
two centstwo centstwo faced
two for twotwo for twotwo heads are bette…
two left feettwo penn%e2%80%99or…two penn%e2%80%99or…
two penn'orthtwo penn'orthtwo pennies' worth
two sides of the sa…Two Sinkers anda Co…two thumbs up
two thumbs uptwo wrongs don't ma…two wrongs make a r…
two's company, thre…two-bittwo-bit
two-edged swordtwo-edged swordtwo-fisted drinker
two-second ruletwo-way streettyre kicker

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