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that'll be the daySaid in reply to something that one believes will never happen.Rate it:
that'll doJust what is required.Rate it:
that's all she wroteIndicating an abrupt termination of a project, or of one's hopes or plans.Rate it:
that's just meIndicates the expression of a personal opinion, but often used ironically as an understatement.Rate it:
that's thatThere is nothing more to say or to do concerning the matter.Rate it:
that's the ticketThat's just right; that's just what is needed.Rate it:
that's the way it isconditions extant, situation at hand, current WX conditions, stock market report, physical condition, environmental conditions, bank account balances:Rate it:
that's the way life isThat is the way things happenCertain things cannot be changed, helped or improved; struggle and objection are pointless.1935, Louis Bromfield, The Man Who Had Everything [1], page 279:That's the way life is, and there's no use trying to go against it.1979, Jay Edward Abrams, A Theology of Christian Counseling: More Than Redemption [2], ISBN 0310511011, page 45:There are no standards, no values; that's the way life is. Learn to accept it and slide with it. Stop fighting it.2002, B. Eugene Ellison, Rings of the Templars, ISBN 059524050X, page 337:Shit happens; that's the way life is. In fact, I want you to take an additional thousand for your efforts.Rate it:
that's the way the ball bouncesThat is the way things happenRate it:
that's the way the cookie crumblesThe Unexpected Outcome, the disappointing results: 'Shit HappensRate it:
that's the way the cookie crumblesThat is the way things happen; that's life.Rate it:
that's the way the mop flopsThat is the way things happen.Rate it:
that's what she saidA joking retort, intended to draw attention to a previous statement which has the potential for a risqué double entendre.Rate it:
that's what's upUsed to express acquiescence or concurrence.Rate it:
Thatcher's childrenPeople who grew up or were born in the United Kingdom during the premiership of Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990) and who adopted the ideology of Thatcherism.Rate it:
Thatcher's childrenUsed other than as an idiom: see Thatcher, children.Rate it:
thats the way the ball bouncesthe realization in life that one can expect occurrences which are as unpredictable as the manner in which a thrown ball bouncesRate it:
thats whats upto tell someone what is going onRate it:
the ;WYEWYE, SPECIAL RAILROAD TRACK LAYOUT DESIGNED SO AS TO Be Able To Reverse Direction Of An Entire Freight Train. Subject to Constraints Relavent to Consist, Train Length, Engine Power, Terrain, Weather, Traffic Condx., Company Rules, Govt Regs, Crews et al:Rate it:
the apple doesn't fall far from the treeA child grows up to be very similar to its parents in the way they act and in their physical abilities.Rate it:
the bad penny always comes backAlternative form of a bad penny always turns up.Rate it:
the bad penny always turns upAlternative form of a bad penny always turns up.Rate it:
the ball is in someone's courtIt is someone's turn to do something; often making a decision.Rate it:
the ball is in your courtIt is your turn to do something; often making a decision.Rate it:
the beast with two backsTwo people engaged in sexual intercourse.Rate it:
the bee's kneesMost excellent; surpassingly wonderful; cool.Rate it:
the bendsdecompression sicknessRate it:
the big kahunaReference to the Big Boss, Chief of protocol, member of Board of Directors.Rate it:
the bigger they are, the harder they fallThe larger something is, the more disastrous and spectacular its downfallRate it:
the bronxnew york boroughRate it:
the buck stops hereA statement that no excuses will be made, that the speaker is going to take direct responsibility for matters, rather than pass the responsibility to higher authorities.Rate it:
the cake is a lieThe end you are pursuing is unattainable or misguided; the reward you have been promised is false.Rate it:
the calm before the stormA period of peace before a disturbance or crisis; an unnatural or false calm before a storm.Rate it:
the companyNickname for an intelligence service.Rate it:
the course of true love never did run smoothThere will always be problems in a relationship.Rate it:
the devilUsed to add emphasis to a question or statement.Rate it:
the die is castThe future is determined; there are no more options; events will proceed in an irreversible manner.Rate it:
the doc says im going blind but i could never see anywayLess hurtRate it:
the doctor always err's on the side of caution.It means to make sure of, or to make the most ofRate it:
the dogs bark, but the caravan goes onLife goes on, even if some will try to stop or talk against progress.Rate it:
the early bird catches the wormthe early bird gets the wormRate it:
the early bird gets the wormWhoever arrives first has the best chance of success; some opportunities are only available to the first competitors.Rate it:
The EndUsed traditionally at the end of a story.Rate it:
The EndUsed to indicate the termination of somethingRate it:
the end all-be allSomething ultimate; the best part of something; the thing which solves all problems associated with something.Rate it:
the end justifies the meansMorally wrong actions are sometimes necessary to achieve morally right outcomes; actions can only be considered morally right or wrong by virtue of the morality of the outcome.Rate it:
the end of one's ropeAt the limit of one’s patience, when one is so frustrated or annoyed that one can no longer take it..Rate it:
the ends justify the meansAlternative form of the end justifies the means.Rate it:
the ends of the earthThe furthest reaches of the land.Rate it:
the enemy of my enemy is my friendAlthough I dislike and/or disagree with you, for the time being we should work together against a common threat.Rate it:

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